4 Top Tips for Video Production from the Pros

As part of the feedback process, quite a few attendees of our two-day search engine optimization and digital marketing course inquired if a recording of the training will be made available in the future. The workshop covers a lot of information in a relatively short amount of time and the suggestions from the students made me realize that I had to invest the time and effort to record the training.

Not only did former workshop attendees ask for the training to be made available online, some existing and prospective customers also expressed interest in learning SEO this way. Well, when I finally decided to launch my online SEO course, the prospect of creating a few dozen videos filled me with fear. I knew I needed video, but I had no idea how to go about getting them made at a high quality. Fortunately, the guys at Reservoir Creative, a commercial video production company in California, put my mind at ease.

These guys have a ton of experience and were able to listen to my ideas and collaborate with me so we could get the entire series done at a reasonable budget. Working with Amyn Kaderali, co-founder of Reservoir Creative, and the entire team at Reservoir Creative to record and produce the online course was a blast and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Check out the introductory video below and I also invite you to register for a free trial account and to view the first hour of the online SEO training for free.

That said, I asked Amyn to share a few of their tips for getting promotional videos made well and within their client’s budget and I’m thrilled to share here with you Amyn’s tips and best practices.

4 Top Tips for Video Production from the Pros

Authored by Amyn Kaderali, Co-founder of Reservoir Creative

When Chris Raulf at Boulder SEO Marketing approached me with his idea of making a series of online training videos, I was honestly a little reluctant.  At Reservoir, we make mostly commercials and promotional videos for TV and the web.  But Chris is such a nice guy, he made it hard to refuse. We genuinely wanted to help him make this a reality.  We talked extensively about his needs, the look of the project, and what would be the most efficient way to get a professionally-made series of videos done at a reasonable cost. The production went so smoothly I thought I would share a few of the key factors that made all the difference as I feel this information could likely be helpful to many of you out there considering online video content. 

  1. Know What You Need: Since Chris is a very experienced lecturer with a plethora of knowledge about his subject, we knew he would come prepared. He knew the content well and, more important, how he wanted to convey it: on-camera, with power-point slides, voiceover, etc. He showed up to shoot with a script he felt confident about.  This made it much easier for us to build a shooting strategy which would get hours of content done in the two days we had.
  2. Keep It Simple: We could have spent thousands of dollars on a fancy soundstage with a green screen and motion graphics and effects but we all agreed that would not dramatically improve what we wanted to do: convey valuable information in a clear way.  Instead, we opted for an office space we could borrow and shot on the weekend when it was empty and quiet (good sound is very important!). We also kept the crew size small and didn’t load up on a ton of equipment (which would require more crew).  This kept the budget down and also prevented Chris from feeling nervous performing in front of a large intimidating crew.  
  3. Shoot As Much As You Can When You Can: Sometimes, clients want to spread out their shoots: a few days this week, a couple days a month later, etc. Sometimes that can’t be avoided.  However, we typically advocate gathering as much content as you can while you have the rented location, equipment and paid crew. It’s far better to record a few extra pieces if you have the time, even if you aren’t sure yet how you will use them. We can always cut together a few new pieces for your online video marketing campaign when the need arises. It’ll be a lot faster and less expensive than putting together an entirely new video production.
  4. Have Clear Goals and a Timeline: Chris was able to communicate exactly when he wanted his videos done and what the priorities were. That helped greatly during the editing process as we were able to strategize an effective and efficient workflow that would get us to his delivery date on time. There were no surprises to slow us down or confuse us.

Chris followed our advice and managed to start 2017 with a new online course that looks and sounds great but, more important, conveys the information his students need to learn.  We’re excited for Chris’s new venture and look forward to his success in the months and years to come!

If your company would like to discuss how Reservoir Creative can help take your business to the next level with an effective and original video marketing campaign for television or the web, give us a call anytime.

About Reservoir Creative

Reservoir Creative is a professional commercial video production company located in the heart of San Francisco and Los Angeles, California. The full-service agency creates exceptional, compelling commercial content for TV and the web.

Company co-founders Jamal Farley and Amyn Kaderali bring years of experience. Specializing in tv commercial production and video marketing, Jamal and Amyn set out to create a space where the client’s needs and vision are front & center. Learn more about Reservoir Creative by visiting their website at: www.reservoir-creative.com.

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