Effective SEO Can Be a Matter of Life or Death

Guest blog post by David Crawford, Executive Director, Animal Help Now, a Nonprofit 501(c)3 Organization.

Effective SEO can be a matter of life or death – the life or death of a company, of course, but also the life or death of a beloved dog or cat, or a great-horned owl.

Animal Help Now is an innovative website and phone app that people in Colorado and Animal Help NowTexas can use when they encounter an animal emergency. The program directs the user to the nearest, most appropriate help, including veterinarians, wildlife rehabilitators, animal shelters and law enforcement agencies.

If a person has our phone app, no problem. A few taps and they’re in touch with the help they need. But if they don’t have the app, they have to find us online. In an animal emergency, time wasted in that search can mean the difference between life and death.

Each year in this country millions of people need emergency veterinarians for their companion animals, millions of dogs and cats are lost and found, hundreds of millions of animals – both wildlife and domestic – are injured or killed by motor vehicles, countless animals are abused and neglected, and an untold number of animals are killed or injured in disasters.

Even with all the many veterinarians, wildlife rehabilitators, animal shelters, etc. who do amazing work every day, quickly finding the right help can be hard, especially in a stressful situation. There simply has been no established, reliable service a person can use to find immediate and appropriate assistance for the full range of animal-related emergencies. Until now.

Animal Help Now is the first reliable service a person can use to find immediate and appropriate assistance for the full range of animal-related emergencies.

The program was developed in Colorado by a nonprofit organization called Animal Watch. Animal Watch created the program after years of animal advocacy work and personal experience had clearly revealed how desperately it was needed.

The initial service area was Colorado. In March 2013 Animal Help Now extended its service area to include Texas. The group is now expanding nationally, beginning with its wildlife functionality.

The Animal Help Now websites (handheld and desktop) together are receiving about 50 visits per day. The phone app is being used about 20 times per day.

SEO is a critical component of our success. We are so pleased to be working in partnership with Boulder SEO Marketing to improve the quality of life for people and animals in our service area.

Animal Help NowThe math is simple: The more people who know about Animal Help Now and the easier we are to find online, the more lives we will save and the more suffering we will reduce.  We encourage you to bookmark www.AnimalHelpNow.org and to download the app from iTunes and Google Play or search the stores for “AnimalHelpNow”. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

David Crawford

SEO and Online Marketing Training

Our SEO agency is proud to support the causes of Animal Help Now and we’re excited to help them get more visibility online. We will train their marketing staff in our upcoming full-day SEO training workshops so that they are able to optimize their website in order to increase organic search traffic.

In our SEO trainings, I will share many search engine optimization and online marketing tactics, strategies, and project templates needed to implement a successful SEO campaign.

This packed online marketing training includes several group exercises, review of attendees’ websites and current strategies, case studies and more. Space is limited to 20 attendees and we are happy to offer discounted rates to nonprofit organizations. Feel free to contact me if you work for a nonprofit organization and would like to attend one of our upcoming SEO workshops.

Chris Raulf
Founder and Owner of Boulder SEO Marketing

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