Marketing Automation for Every Business [A Digital Marketing Expert Interview with Vbout Founder Richard Fallah]

Marketing automation software enables marketers to automate many manual processes and repetitive tasks such as sending emails, managing social media and other online marketing activities. According to statistics from Hubspot, B2B marketers say that the #1 benefit of marketing automation is the ability to generate more and better leads. In addition, marketers using automation software generate 2X the number of leads than those using blast email software. Most businesses could benefit by using marketing automation software.

I recently had the opportunity to talk to Richard Fallah, the founder of Vbout, a multi-channel marketing automation platform. In the 18-minute interview, Richard shares that Vbout came about because they saw a need for clients to reach a lot more of their intended audience in a more effective way. Richard gave me a little tour of Vbout and he showed me some of the cool features and I invite you to watch the expert interview right here:

In this blog post, I’ll give you a peek of some of the main functionalities of this amazing marketing automation platform:

Create Landing Pages

Vbout allows you to create landing pages for your marketing campaigns using a drag and drop interface. You can customize the entire landing page, including the copy, graphics or photos, communication, etc. Then you can send an email to your customers on social media with a link to the landing page. You can also reply directly to your customers from Vbout.

Create Customer Journeys

With VBout, you can create what’s called a “customer journey.” This is kind of like an electronic whiteboard where you can map out what you want your customer communications to look like. You drag and drop marketing activities like text messaging and emails, and then add dates for when you want these activities to occur. You get to see the customer experience in a visual way. You can move things around until you’re satisfied and Vbout will automate those activities for you.

Use Dedicated Support

Vbout has an excellent support system. Every section of the tool has help topics, including some videos. Their support staff is available via chat or email anytime, so you can get help or even ask for an opinion on your landing page. They also have an active blog on their website so you can keep up with the latest product information and current marketing automation trends. Vbout is very user-friendly, so getting familiar enough with it enough to use it should only take a few hours, versus up to 50 hours for a larger tool with customizations.

Marketing Automation for Everyone: Start with a Free Plan

Vbout offers four types of plans, from a free version to an ultimate version. Marketing automation solutions used to be a big undertaking and were expensive. However, Vbout allows you to scale to the needs of your business. As you start to see a higher ROI, you can adjust your plan. Pick the plan you need to make the software work for you.


I was very impressed with Vbout’s features and how easy it is to use. Marketing automation platforms such as Vbout are a great way to kickstart your digital marketing strategy and I encourage to to take advantage of their free trial plan.

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