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A Deep Dive on SEO Packages: Rates, Services, Advantages, and Risks.​

Are search engine optimization packages still worth it in 2023?

You bet–if you find the right one!

Check out our deep dive on monthly SEO packages. It contains everything you need to know about buying one in the current climate, including:

What Are SEO Packages?

"In the digital age, eCommerce businesses aren’t the only ones that need a robust online presence; brick-and-mortar companies do."


More than 3 out of 4 consumers will scrutinize a company’s online presence before visiting them in person, so if you want customers to find you, you must optimize your site so it appears in search results. Put another way, search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to any modern marketing strategy. 

Imagine trying to find the needle in a haystack without a magnet. That's what it can feel like trying to sift through the vast sea of information online to find what you're looking for. Essentially, Google's ranking systems act as the ultimate magnet, effortlessly sorting through billions of webpages and other content that’s indexed in Google. Despite the emergence of new AI content generation platforms such as ChatGPT, most people still turn to Google to find what they are looking for. 

A comprehensive SEO Package

"A comprehensive SEO package that addresses many of Google’s main algorithm signals, helps businesses enhance their online presence, boost their rankings, and ultimately drive more of the right kind of traffic to their site. "

Buying products bundled together is generally more affordable than purchasing them individually, so SEO packages appeal to business owners who care about their bottom line. When you buy an SEO services package from a reputable agency, you’re enlisting a pool of experts to work on your web presence for several hours per month. The more you pay, the more work the experts do, and—hopefully—the faster you’ll see results. 

SEO marketing packages include a range of well-rounded services, such as keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, content creation, white hat link earning strategies, and reporting. 

How Much Do Search Engine Optimization Packages Cost in the United States in 2023?

Like most products, the cost of an SEO package can vary immensely, and—like most products—you get what you pay for when it comes to SEO services. While that doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive bundle you find, you should be wary of working with an agency that charges a fraction of its competitors. The industry standard for an SEO package from a reputable agency ranges from $2,000 to $7,000 monthly.
Let’s take a look at the kinds of factors that affect the price of SEO services packages:

  • The current state of the website, including its current rankings and technical health 
  • The number of pages that need to be optimized 
  • The amount of existing content that needs to be optimized 
  • The amount of new content that needs to be created 
  • Whether the company operates on a local, national, or international scale 
  • Whether the company already has a social media presence 
  • How quickly the company wants to climb the rankings 
  • Whether any SEO agencies that the company hired prior applied “black hat” tactics 
  • The amount of competition in the company’s industry

Why Is There Such a Vast Difference in Cost for SEO Packages Among Agencies?

If you compare a handful of SEO agencies, you’ll probably find a broad range of pricing among them. You might see one package for a few hundred dollars and another from a different agency for a few thousand, and they seemingly include all the same services. In reality, though, it’s doubtful they’ll yield the same results.

The companies that charge a mere few hundred dollars for their packages take a cookie-cutter approach to optimizing their clients’ sites. Unfortunately, you won’t stand out in Google’s eyes if you do what everyone else does. To climb the rankings, you have to either do what no one else is doing or do what your competitors are doing but better. (This is where our Micro-SEO Strategies℠ come in handy, but more on that later.)

How Can I Find The Best SEO Packages That Are Also Affordable?

Want to improve your online presence in 2023 without hurting your bottom line? Here are a few tips for finding reputable agencies that offer affordable packages:

1. Define Your Goals

Before you start looking for an SEO agency, it's essential to determine your ultimate objectives. For example, do you want to improve search engine rankings, increase organic traffic, or generate more leads? Or all of the above? Once you clearly understand your goals, finding an agency to help you achieve them will be easier.

2. Do Your Research

To start your search, it’s often best to just dive in. Seek referrals from colleagues who have previously worked with agencies, then search online for other promising agencies. Once you have several to compare, evaluate their reviews, case studies, and testimonials. It’s also important to consider the kinds of clients they serve. If you run a brick-and-mortar shop in a small town, agencies that only work with large international corporations may not offer packages within your budget.

3. Look for Transparency

A reputable SEO agency will be transparent about its strategies and tactics and the results they deliver. They should explain their approach simply and provide regular reports on their progress.

4. Check Their Knowledge

Since Google updates its algorithm daily, you’ll want to find an agency well aware of the latest SEO best practices. In addition, their team should be able to explain the current state of SEO and how they’ll account for ongoing changes when devising strategies for your site. Are they thought-leads? Do they offer SEO training?

5. Consider Longevity

Since search engine optimization is an ongoing process, finding an agency you can work with for the long term is crucial. Look for a company that is committed to building a lasting partnership so that you can achieve your business goals.

Our SEO Packages and Pricing

At BSM, most of our customers usually pick one of our three main SEO services packages. All three tiers provide access to our team of SEO strategists, technical wizards, web and graphic designers, social media specialists, and content writers. This allows us to assign a dedicated subject matter expert to every aspect of every project so clients can see the biggest return on their investment. The only difference between each tier is our level of engagement

For eligible clients who want to see impressive results in less than one year, we recommend our Eco Plan. This plan consistently yields a rise in rankings in about eight months. For those with a more ambitious timeline, we have a Pro Plan. While we cannot make any promises because of the complexity of the search algorithms, we have seen clients with this package achieve better rankings in less than half a year.

Finally, we have an Elite Plan for those who want to climb the SERPs in record time. This SEO services package has maximum engagement, allowing us to devise and implement effective strategies that yield results in about three months.

Additionally, all of our packages include the implementation of our proprietary Micro-SEO Strategies℠, which can start delivering results on a page-by-page basis in as little as two months. Although we’re biased, based on the results that we’re achieving for our customers, we strongly believe that that we offer some of the best SEO packages among our competitors.

Eco Plan

Who want to see
impressive results



Pro Plan

For those with a
more ambitious timeline



Elite Plan

Who want to climb the
SERPs in record time



Our SEO Packages and Pricing Comparing SEO Service Durations: One-Time Vs. Ongoing

When Selecting an SEO Agency :

What to Look for in an Agency

Before you hire an agency, you should make sure they’ll be able to meet your needs. If the owners are willing to meet with you for a free, no-obligation consultation, consider that a good sign.

We developed a proprietary framework over which we’ll lay your website to identify low-hanging fruit, areas that need improvement, content that’s working for you, and layouts that are working against you.

Your website is unique, so shouldn’t your SEO campaign be, too? Skip the cookie-cutter approach and turn to someone who can provide a strategy tailored to your particular industry, current position, and long-term goals.

If you turn to an agency that handles web design in-house, your bottom line will thank you. Climbing the rankings often demands ongoing updates and site developments, so finding an agency that offers web design and SEO services will streamline your spending and strategizing.

If you find an agency charging a fraction of what its competitors do, it might be tempting to sign on with them. Unfortunately, there’s a good chance they’ll only do a fraction of the work. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to monthly SEO plans.

Only Google knows what goes into determining rankings. Therefore, if an agency makes any kind of guarantee regarding specific results within a certain timeframe, you should steer clear.

Agencies that deploy dated or shady tactics only hurt their clients in the long run. Google quickly catches on to black hat tactics and notes it when determining rankings by updating its algorithm daily

Agencies that delegate tasks to a third party tend to charge more for doing less. Instead, look for an agency with in-house experts you can call and talk to when you need to discuss your site’s strategies.

Selecting an agency is an important decision. Take your time to vet the agency, speak with the owners, and ask some, if not all, of the following questions:

What to Avoid in an Agency

What is your SEO score?

How optimized is your website for your major keyword?
Who is better optimized? You or your main competitor?
Run a free audit and find out!

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