“I Grew Facebook Followers from 17K to 66K in One Year.” [Social Media Marketing Expert Interview with Noressa Hinkler of Travel Nurse Across America]

Using social media as a marketing tool has really become an opportunity to manage your relationships with your prospects and customers. Social media is a two-way street to share information and also gather information from your customers. It’s a chance to bring awareness to your brand, engage potential and existing customers, and support them after they purchase your product or service.

I recently interviewed Noressa Hinkler, a Digital Marketing Manager for Travel Nurse Across America, about the use of social media. We actually met through social media because Noressa had commented on one of my posts on LinkedIn and we began talking about it. As a result, I learned that Noressa was doing some pretty exciting things at her company, and I thought it would be very interesting to share more about how Noressa works with social media at her company.

As part of our SEO packages, we also offer social media marketing since it needs to be part of an overall digital marketing strategy. A powerful social media marketing strongly supports your online marketing efforts and as you can see from the Google Analytics screenshot below, it can have a tremendous impact on your company’s bottom line.

After implementing a meaningful social media marketing strategy for one of our customers, we were able to increase revenues, directly related to our social media efforts, from $632 dollars to $33,647 year-over-year:

Social Media Marketing Success

Social Media Marketing: A Two-Way Street

In the interview, Noressa explains how she uses social media at her company as a two-way street to engage with customers and to drive traffic to their website, which is one of their key business goals. You can view the entire interview here:

I’ll briefly summarize two of the many important points Noressa made during the interview.

Nurturing Customer Engagement

Noressa emphasized numerous times how important it is to engage with your customers on social media. When you post content to social media, your job has really just begun since the communication is a two-way street. Noressa was able to grow their Facebook followers from 17K to 66K in one year for two reasons, both due to nurturing customer engagement:

  1. She set an expectation for their message response time. Knowing that there’s a narrow window between the time when someone posts something and when they expect a response, Noressa and her team established clear guidelines so that responses are posted in a timely and consistant manner.
  2. Travel Nurse Across America responds to all the reviews, whether they’re positive or negative. Of course, all companies want to hear about the things that they’re doing right and promote those customer success stories. However, it’s just as important to address the negative experiences that customers have and let them know that the company is working on solutions.

“People respond to a genuine approach,” Noressa stated. “Taking time for that significantly improved the engagement on our social media pages.”

Understanding Your Audience

Noressa stressed the importance of understanding who your audience is and what messages work for them. Oftentimes, there are different personas within a company’s target audience. At Noressa’s company, they have several personas, and each one needs to have its own messages. For example, you wouldn’t write the same message for a young nurse trying to gain employment experience as you would for an empty nester. And you want the call to action to appeal to the targeted persona, which would be different for these two personas.

I recently recorded a digital PR expert interview entitled “I Can Track $5 Million of Revenue From Writing for Forbes” with Josh Steimle, founder of MWI. Just like Noressa, Josh also emphasizes how important it is to truly understand your audience so that you can craft high-quality content in different formats and then drive traffic to the content using social media. 

Clearly, understanding your audience is an extremely important point, and both of these experts take this very seriously.

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