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Friday SEO Tip | How to Track Google Local Rankings

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Hello, everyone! This is Daniel Burns here from Boulder SEO Marketing. I’m going to do the SEO tip again this week. Last week we talked about a couple of platforms that we use. Today, I want to talk about another platform that is super great. We’ve been using it for a while. It really comes down to how we track progress in our Google Maps location. So if you have a Google map location that you are working on increasing the ranking for, this is a really good video.

Here’s an example. We’ve been working on our own websites for the keyword “Denver SEO company”. Right there, boom! We’re coming up on number two. It took a while for us to come up to number two. Actually, there’s another client that we’re working on. Let me see. Boulder Dispensary- that’s a pretty competitive keyword. Look at that- Magnolia Road, that’s our client as well, position number two. This client was actually in a position close to 20 not long ago. It’s very important for us to be able to track the progress of how we are increasing.

The big challenge is that we get a call from the client that says, “Hey, I’m over here and I’m searching and I can’t find it, but someone over there is finding it and so forth.” The reality is search results for the Google listings will be different related to where you are searching from. So this tool right here, Local Falcon, is a tool that we’ve been using. I’m going to walk you through it real quick and show you how we use it. This gives you a pretty accurate map of where you’re ranking for specific keywords, in what position and in what locations.

There are a lot of things here. I’m essentially going to show you two I think are the most important. First of all, what you want to do is to find your Google business location. Ours right here, BSM- a Denver SEO company. Then you could set up a keyword. The keyword that I’m going for here is Denver SEO Company. Then you can say, “Okay, how wide of a radius do I want to search?” I think I can go up to 10 miles, or I can go down to as little as 500ft. Then you could say, “how many different search points do you want in that radius?” Here I have, for example, a three-mile radius and 7×7 searches. Each one of these little balls are essentially our office locations, right there in the middle- number one. As you go out 1 mile, 2 miles, 3 miles, it shows the position we are showing up. This gives you a complete map of exactly in what geographical location your Google My Business page is coming up. Here, I only have a 3×3, and right now, I’m searching from Lafayette, and we’re coming up at number two. I’d actually be interested in doing a ten-mile radius just to get a bigger picture. For us, the three-mile radius is usually what we go for. Then looking down here, you could see essentially the results that are happening and some other metrics.

A couple of other things that are really cool. You can click on the PDF, and it will actually generate a PDF with the Google My Business page, the search results, and a really detailed map. You can actually export a really high-resolution map. It gives you a lot more information, not only about who’s ranking where and so forth, but information related to the amount of data points and some other metrics associated with each one of these different Google My Business pages. You can kind of compare apples to apples in terms of what they’re doing and what you’re doing. That’s the first thing.

But the one thing that this specific report is not very good at is how we are doing today compared to when we started three months ago or six months ago, or a month ago, for that matter. I see where we are today. So, they have another really cool feature here, which is called Trend Reports. In the Trend reports, I set up an automatic search. In our case, I’m doing it maybe once every two weeks or once a week. So here’s when we started, and then we moved down to position four, and then here we were in position three, and now we’re in position two. I think that’s where we are today, in position two. With this guy right here, Epidemic, coming number one and so forth. You can see what that search result is right here.

The really cool thing I like about this Trends feature is not only you see a historical; you can actually export. As you see here, this is a GIF animation of a historical-all of the history from the account. You can actually export it, and this is what it looks like. This is a GIF animation, and you’ll see that the dates are moving. This is January 26, January 29, and February 12, and then you can see how these positions are increasing over time. This is a very cool feature because now it takes away a lot of the guesswork of “I see it over here, I don’t see it over there, the results here are different than the results there.” Still, this report gives you a really good foundation but depending on your browser history and some other factors; you might get different results.

Here you go, see this one. This was probably when we started. You see all these reds and greens and fours and sevens. As we get to the end, which is today, I think the last one here is somewhere around May. We mostly have one, two’s and three’s. So if you’re putting any effort into ranking your Google My Business page, this is a really good tool. The name of the tool is LocalFalcon- localfalcon.com. We don’t get any commission for referring them. I’m just recommending these guys because, for us, this is a really great way to track our progress and our positions for Google Business Profile rankings. If you’re actually doing and tracking your own rankings, I think this is a tool that will really help you out.

So again, I am always here if you have any questions, and I hope you enjoyed the tip of the day. Have a great weekend!

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