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A lot of Denver SEO agencies overpromise and underdeliver. That’s not us. No need to sign a long-term contract with us. We’re all about delivering results so that our customers stay with us for months and years to come.

Targeted Strategies for Targeted Results

A Hyper Focused Denver SEO Agency

A Swiss Army Knife might come in handy for a lot of simple tasks, but if you’re scaling a mountain, you need ice axes, crampons, and trekking poles.

When you’re ready to climb the rankings, these are the specialized tools we’ll utilize to generate real organic growth!

Unlike digital marketing agencies that claim to do it all, we focus solely on search engine optimization. A jack of all trades might get your website off the ground, but you’re going to need specialized tools to make it to the top in Google.

Founded in 2009, we help businesses that have gotten stuck behind a dozen or more competitors. If that sounds familiar, you don’t need a multi-pronged marketing campaign; you need a tailored SEO strategy, and we’ve got the tools for deploying it.

Website Design & Development

The technical health and usability of a website is one of the most important factores considered by Google. It’s crucial to have the SEO and web design teams work side by side to achieve great organic results. Our web designers create sites that are not only appealing on the front end but also optimized on the back end. If you’ve already invested a lot in your site, don’t worry; we won’t ask you to start from scratch. Instead, we’ll go through it page by page and elevate all the existing content, so it supports your SEO strategy.
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Search Engine Optimization

Experts in both on- and off-page SEO, our team always abides by Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. That means we only use tactics the search engines have approved, so your site is never at risk of being banned.
For many of our clients, we now deploy Micro-SEO Strategies that that yield amazing results. Check out this video to find out if you are a good candidate for a Micro-SEO strategy.

Conversion Rate Optimization

More traffic alone is not the answer! At BSM we also focus on increasing the conversion rate of pages to make sure we are generating the greatest amount of leads and engagement from visitors to your site. Optimal results are achieved by integrating more traffic (SEO) with higher conversions (CRO).
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The Proof is in The Pudding.
Check Out Our Reviews.

Considering just how many agencies provide SEO services in Denver, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. While we’d like to think our results speak for themselves, we know you’re probably wondering what our customer experience is like.

Check out our Google Business Profile to see what clients have to say about working with us.

Steve Tytler
Steve Tytler
If you are in Denver, or anywhere in the country for that matter, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND "BSM" for your SEO needs. Lots of companies send "spam emails" soliciting SEO business and you have to figure their SEO service is just as sleazy. At BSM they know how to do SEO Right! The company owner stays on top of all the lastest updates to Google's ever-changing search ranking rules, so you are always on the cutting edge of SEO performance for your website.
Sylvie Froger
Sylvie Froger
No non-sense, practical SEO advice for small businesses - I am a fan!
Kaelin Tillery
Kaelin Tillery
We are 3 months into working with BSM and so far we are very happy with them. They do a great job of communicating and keeping me in the loop on what they are working on.
Steve Graham
Steve Graham
They offer very helpful free webinars and free consultations, with minimal sales pressure. A lot of businesses say they are educators first, but these folks really mean it. I am sure their paid services are well worth the price. It wasn't an effective option for our particular situation, but I would certainly keep them in mind for future projects.
Miriam Epstein
Miriam Epstein
Excellent workshop explaining how to work with SEO using AI included many helpful and useful resources!
Kenton Epard
Kenton Epard
These guys know their SEO stuff. Super super impressive. You are in good hands if you choose them.
Chris returned my voicemail and was extremely polite, professional, and knowledgeable. He did not try to shove a service, or one size fits all package down my throat, and even offered free resources in lieu of. It says a lot about a company when the owner is still involved in the day-to-day operations. He was very honest about SEO needs for our types of businesses and that it would be most helpful for the one we have not expanded yet. Once we do, BSM will be our first call!
Liz Weaver
Liz Weaver
Just finished up a two-hour SEO class and my mind is blown. The way Google keeps changing makes it at times hard to understand the best tactics to take when writing content. This class made it crystal clear what needs to be done. I can immediately put the knowledge I gained to work for client work. Perfect timing! Thank you for sharing the knowledge - that alone is extremely impressive. Anyone looking for a leg up on their competition or just to have the confidence you are using best SEO practices in today's landscape should take their course.
Frank DeDominicis
Frank DeDominicis
This presentation taught me simple, innovative ways to boost my online presence. Thanks so much!

Ready to Discuss Your Project?

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What Makes Us Different?

Any SEO agency in Denver can claim they’re not like the others, but we actually stand alone in a number of areas. Here are some of the biggest differentiators between BSM and the rest:

What We Do

We Use Best Practices

We only deploy strategies that keep our clients’ websites in good standing with search engines.

We Delpoy Micro-SEO Strategies

Laser-focused campaigns targeting low-hanging fruit opportunities to generate results fast.

We Attract the Right Traffic

By targeting very specific keywords, we help businesses attract visitors that are actually going to buy what they’re selling.

We Remain in Constant Contact

Our project managers update clients often on the status of their site. They’re also readily available to address any questions or concerns as soon as they arise.

Need More Traffic & Better Rankings?

We are here to help!

What We Don’t Do

We Don’t Work with Everyone

Our specialized tools can only handle specialized tasks, so we don’t take on clients who are facing challenges that demand services we don’t offer.

We Don’t Apply “Universal” Tactics

Every client has unique goals and therefore needs a unique SEO strategy. Even those within the same industry may need to rank for different keywords, which is why we never rely on “cookie cutter” solutions to deploy search engine optimization—and you shouldn’t, either.

We Don’t Enter into Lengthy Contracts

We don’t keep customers around because they have no choice. We keep them around because we continuously deliver, month after month.

SEO Case Study

In one year, Google organic traffic increased from 22,000 visitors a month to over 90,000 visitors a month for this customer.

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Leadership Team

Chris Raulf Founder Boulder Seo Opt

Chris Raulf

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Chris Raulf is the founder of BSM, a hyper-focused SEO agency, located in Denver, Boulder and Los Angeles. Chris and his team assist local, national, and international clients.
Daniel Burns Bsm Opt

Daniel Burns

COO, Digital Strategist

For over 20 years, Daniel has a proven record of managing strategic direction and development – driving revenue gains and improving their efficiency and effectiveness.

Companies We Work With

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been providing search engine optimization in Denver and where will the work be performed?
We’ve been in business since 2010 and all of the work will be performed by our in-house staff. We don’t outsource tasks to third-party offshore vendors.
How much do we need to expect to pay for monthly digital marketing and SEO packages?
A large number of our neighborhood and smaller clients for the most part spend somewhere in the range of $1,250 and $1,750 every month. Our national clients usually spend somewhere in the range of $1,750 and $3,500 every month. A large portion of our venture and worldwide clients will spend somewhere in the range of $3,500 and $20,000 every month. In any case, everything relies upon your objectives, how quick you’d like to get results, and the kinds of services that you need. Each client is unique and we usually develop a custom strategy that best meets their requirements.
How long will it take until we see results?
It all depends on a number of factors. When it comes to search engine optimization, we generally begin to see results after two to four months. Especially at the beginning of a project, we recommend frequent status update meetings so that you’re alway in the loop on what happens. This also allows us to adjust the strategy if required.
How important is keyword research for SEO?
One of the most important of search engine optimization is keyword research. We will work closely with you to research and identify the keywords and sentences that eventually make the most sense for your business and that will provide your business with the greatest return on investment.
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