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The proven and tested strategies and tactics that you’ll learn in this hyper-focused SEO workshop are geared toward helping you outrank your competitors in Google and other search engines.


Two-hour, hands-on search engine optimization workshop. Streamed live via Zoom from Denver, Colorado.

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Course attendees will learn agency-tested and approved strategies that can be put to work immediately.

Course instructors

SEO training experts Chris Raulf and Daniel Burns share over four decades of hands-on digital marketing experience.

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Course location

This online SEO training course will be live-streamed via Zoom.

Date and time

Wednesday, December 13, 2023, from 10:00 a.m. to noon MST.

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Up Your Game with the SEO Strategy Framework and Micro-SEO Strategies℠

This hyper-focused online SEO course is hosted in partnership with SE Ranking, a cutting-edge SEO platform. SE Ranking provides all course registrants complimentary, extended access to their SEO tool.

Recent major algorithm updates, including the introduction of Generative Pre-Trained Transformers (GPT) such as ChatGPT, have changed the SEO game. Developed by industry veteran and Boulder SEO Marketing founder Chris Raulf, the SEO Strategy Framework explains the most critical algorithm signals and tasks in easy-to-understand terms.

While the SEO Strategy Framework covers the ins and outs of many foundational SEO tasks, Micro-SEO Strategies℠ allow anyone to deploy hyper-focused SEO campaigns that yield incredible results within less time.

SEO Course Overview

As Google’s algorithm continues to evolve, SEO has become quite technical over recent years. Yet, at the core of everything is still content that connects people with websites.

As Google’s new Search Generative Experience (SGE) is about to launch globally in early 2024, it is critical to understand how to optimize for the new SGE. This hyper-focused course teaches attendees how to apply the SEO Strategy Framework and deploy Micro-SEO Strategies℠ as part of their search engine optimization efforts.

While there are many benefits to fully optimizing a website, to do so could take months, if not the better part of a year, or even longer. Back then, Google used to rank websites based on how well-optimized the entire site was. Nowadays, Google ranks certain content on websites.

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This course teaches attendees how to apply the SEO Strategy Framework and deploy Micro-SEO Strategies℠ as part of their overall digital marketing efforts.

Get ready to:

After attending this course, you can implement hyper-focused, agency-approved SEO strategies.

The methodology you’ll learn has been developed and fine-tuned over the last 12+ years. We’re confident you’ll find this search engine optimization course worth your time.

This SEO training course primarily teaches attendees how to deploy hyper-focused Micro-SEO Strategies℠.

Bonus Giveaway

As a special bonus, all course registrants will receive access to our recently recorded half-day SEO course. The half-day SEO course covered the following topics in detail:

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Let’s Get Organized: The More You Know About Your Target Audience(s), the Better. Templates and Information Needed to Succeed with SEO.

Let’s take a look at onboarding documents and information that will support the success of your SEO strategy. The workshop features several exercises, and you’ll get access to online templates (Google Docs and Spreadsheets) to start implementing your strategy as you go through the course.

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Score Extra SEO Points by Improving the Technical Health of Your Website.

Learn how to identify and fix technical SEO issues with your website. Frequently, fixing these problems will increase organic search traffic. For the duration of the class, you’ll get complimentary access to SE Ranking, a leading SEO audit, and SEO tool. We’ll also work with Google Analytics, Google’s Search Console, and other tools.

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Don’t Confuse Your Website Visitors: The Functionality and User Experience of Your Website Is a Critically Important SEO Factor.

Getting people to a website is only half the battle. Once people land on your website, they need to quickly find what they’re looking for and, ultimately, be able to take the desired action. We’ll discuss how to audit and improve the website’s functionality and implement conversion-rate-optimization (CRO) strategies to convert more visitors to customers.

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Not Rocket Science But Extremely Important: On-page SEO Best Practices.

On-page SEO starts with keyword research and understanding how your target audience(s) search for what you have to offer. Once we’ve identified our target SEO keywords, we’ll map them across the entire site to create and optimize meta tags, website copy, blog posts, internal hyperlinks, and more.

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There’s No SEO Without Content: Learn How to Create A Powerful Content Marketing Strategy.

The foundation of a robust digital marketing and SEO plan is content marketing. You’ll learn how to develop and publish content that will outrank your competitors’ content. You’ll also learn how to use our templates to build a content marketing strategy so that you don’t have to shoot from the hip all the time.

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Get More Real-Estate on Page Number One in Google: Learn How to Boost Your Website’s Backlink Profile and Push Down Your Competiton with Off-page SEO Best Practices.

Backlinks from other websites to your website are still crucially important for the success of your overall SEO strategy. Introducing you to tactics such as press releases, business listings, directory listings, and guest posts, you’ll learn to create a robust backlink profile for your website that complies with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

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Big Brother Is Watching: Social Media Marketing and SEO.

Google takes a look at everything that you do online. Love it or hate it, social media marketing needs to be part of your SEO strategy. Over the years, we figured out how to get page number one listings in Google for our social media platforms. This tactic allows us to take up additional real estate and push down our competitors.


Is This SEO Masterclass Right For Me?

This course is an excellent fit for business owners and marketing professionals in charge of their company’s SEO.

Although also a great fit for marketing professionals from Fortune 1000 companies, we’ve developed this SEO course with small and medium-sized businesses in mind.

This workshop explicitly targets business owners and marketing professionals directly involved in their company’s SEO efforts.

The workshop includes several optional exercises. Completing these exercises ensures that you get the most out of this class.

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About Our SEO Courses.

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The SEO training offered by the Boulder SEO Marketing team is outstanding. You leave the workshop with an arsenal of tools, tips, and practical examples to combat your SEO needs. I was genuinely shocked by the number of materials and insights that were shared. In a word: empowered.

Ruth D.

What Else Do do I Need to Know About this Search Engine Optimization Workshop?

This class covers the methodology that we deploy for our customers daily. We’ve developed, fine-tuned, and constantly improved this methodology since 2009.

SEO and digital marketing change constantly, and we’re constantly monitoring what is working, why it’s working, and how we can make something that’s working part of our methodology.

No doubt, succeeding with SEO can be tremendously rewarding. Still, we can’t guarantee any results since we haven’t written the Google algorithm (or any other search engine’s algorithm). However, we can tell you that this methodology has worked amazingly well for many of our students and customers alike.

Ultimately, your SEO and digital marketing strategy’s success depends on many things. Ask yourself: How much time and work are you willing and able to put in this effort? Do you have other internal resources to support you? Was your site potentially exposed to black hat SEO strategies in the past? Are you able to keep up with past and future algorithm updates?

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Meet the Owners

Chris Raulf Founder Boulder Seo Marketing

Chris Raulf

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Chris Raulf is the founder of BSM, a hyper-focused SEO agency, located in Denver, Boulder and Los Angeles. Chris and his team assist local, national, and international clients.
Daniel Burns Bsm

Daniel Burns

COO, Digital Strategist

For over 20 years, Daniel has a proven record of managing strategic direction and development – driving revenue gains and improving their efficiency and effectiveness.