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The typical Boulder SEO agency makes big promises but then deploys dated strategies that eke out nothing more than small improvements. At BSM, though, we don’t make promises we can’t keep. We don’t expect clients to, either, which is why we don’t use long-term contracts. It’s the results we garner that keep clients coming back month after month for years on end.


A Highly Specialized Boulder SEO Agency

Climbing search engine results pages (SERPs) is a lot like climbing a mountain. While a Swiss Army Knife will probably prove useful, you won’t be able to summit without specialized tools like trekking poles, crampons, and ice axes.

Unlike agencies that promise to do it all, we’ve zeroed in on search engine optimization (SEO). A jack of all trades can certainly help when you want to launch your website, but if you’re going to make it to page one on Google, you need a master of one, and that’s what we aim to be.

If you’re ready to climb the SERPs and attract more web traffic, we’ll use the following tools to implement a targeted strategy.

“Since 2009, we have been helping businesses overtake their biggest competitors. If you’re stuck behind others in your field, we’ll help you deploy a tailored SEO campaign for surpassing them on Google.”

Chris Raulf, Founder & CEO
BSM Website Design & Development Services
When ranking webpages, Google puts a lot of emphasis on each result’s usability and technical health. That means to achieve exceptional organic results, you need your web designers and SEO strategists working hand-in-hand. Our web design team produces pages that are visually appealing and easy to navigate on the front end while optimized for search engines on the back end. You can still come to us, though, if you’ve already built your website. When that’s the case, we scrutinize the existing site and strengthen its SEO scaffolding, so it supports our marketing strategy.
Denver SEO Services
Our expert team is well-versed in both on- and off-page SEO. With a commitment to always abide by Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, we only develop and implement strategies that the most popular search engines have already approved, so none of our clients’ sites are banned. We also lead the way in innovating “white hat” tactics like Micro-SEO strategies. Watch this video to see if you might get impressive results from using a Micro-SEO strategy.
BSM Conversion Rate Optimization Services
All the web traffic in the world is utterly useless if you’re not generating any conversions. That’s why one of our primary objectives is increasing each page’s conversion rate. Our experts know how to maximize engagement, so more traffic means more revenue.

Our Results Speak for Themselves.
But Don’t Take Our Word for It.

It’s hard to stand out from the other agencies that provide SEO services in Boulder, but we’ve found a way to make a name for ourselves. From remaining in constant contact with clients to achieving outstanding results through ground-breaking strategies, we’re not like the rest. If you’ve been burned in the past, though, we don’t expect you to take our dedication at face value. See what past clients have to say about us to get a feel for our customer experience.

Isavis Rangel
Isavis Rangel
I participated on one of their seminars and it was really helpful and easy to understand.
Brenda Geiger
Brenda Geiger
I learned a lot during the Crash Course on Google Ads and Pay Per Click webinar hosted by Chris Raulf. Seeing the complete process of setting up a campaign removes the fear of getting lost in the weeds of Tech.
Michaell Magrutsche
Michaell Magrutsche
Thank you guys, you were really informative. I especially appreciate your honesty. I didn’t feel that you wanted to sell me anything but wanted to help me to get my web business going. And by doing this you expressed in detail how detailed all the nuances are, which explained the intricacies of your job. It is great that you leave the choice with the customer to want to get started with their SEO or have somebody do it for them. It made this choice very easy to do it yourself and so the decision is by the customer to hire a SEO specialist or not. High quality content.
Sheila Diamond
Sheila Diamond
I attended the SEO webinar and found the information incredibly informative and comprehensive. I have attended other webinars on SEO but Boulder SEO Marketing's webinar included more information than most and also shared tools I can use, which was really valuable! Chris and Daniel are very knowledgeable!
Professional, knowledgeable, in depth.
Adam Gearke
Adam Gearke
Had a great time at a half-day SEO workshop where Chris walked through the Five Pillars of SEO and how they might apply to different business needs and situations. Will be on the lookout for other sessions that Boulder SEO Marketing puts on!
Betsy Piland
Betsy Piland
Excellent SEO training experience. Learned so much, and the instructors were happy to provide guidance specific to your organization's challenges. I left the course excited to optimize!
Hanna Davis
Hanna Davis
I attended a half day PPC training event put on by Boulder SEO Marketing. The training was informative and covered a lot of topics. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants a review on Google Ads, is just starting to use the tool, or wants to learn about the new features the platform provides. I think it would be helpful if there were levels of these workshops (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) so less time could be spent on learning basics.
Lisa Buffo
Lisa Buffo
Boulder SEO Marketing is great! I took their online course and got the comprehensive, in-depth training I was looking for. They are knowledgeable and up to date with the constantly evolving world of SEO. I can't wait to use what I learned in my business!

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Ready to Climb the Ranks?

What Makes BSM Unique?

Any SEO agency in Boulder can say they’re different, but we stand apart from the rest in quite a few respects. Here are some of the most notable ways we differentiate ourselves from our competitors:

What We Do

We Aim to Attract Visitors of Value
By optimizing webpages with precise keywords and phrases, we help clients attract traffic comprised of people who want to purchase what they’re selling.

We Are Highly Accessible
Every client is paired with a skilled project manager from day one. This team member remains in contact with them and provides regular updates on their site’s status.

We Implement Micro-SEO Strategies
Our experts help every client get off on the right foot by targeting low-hanging fruit through hyper-focused tactics to start. The generated results—often in record time—provide the momentum needed to continuously climb the ranks in the months to come.

We Abide by SEO Best Practices
We steer clear of “black hat” strategies, so our client’s sites remain in good standing with Google at all times.

What BSM SEO Agency Do

What We Don’t Do

We Only Take on Clients We Know We Can Help
The specialized tools we use won’t yield results for everyone. They’re only designed to handle specific tasks, so we make sure we can actually help a business before signing them on as a new client.

We Operate With Month-to-Month Agreements
Since we continuously deliver on our promises, we don’t need to lock clients in with lengthy contracts. The businesses we serve stick around month after month (and year after year) because they want to—not because they have to.

We Tailor Our Approach for Every Client
We never apply “universal” tactics to our campaigns. Since every client has unique goals, we believe they deserve a unique SEO strategy.

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    SEO Case Study

    When this client came to us, they were clocking in roughly 22,000 monthly visitors. In just one year, we helped them increase their organic traffic to more than 90,000 monthly visitors.

    SEO Case Study

    Meet the Owners

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    Chris Raulf, Search Engine Optimization Expert & CEO

    Chris Raulf started BSM in 2009. Operating out of Boulder, Denver, and Los Angeles, BSM is a hyper-focused SEO agency.

    Backed by more than 20 years of experience, Chris hails from Switzerland. With his multilingual background and extensive knowledge of digital marketing, he has become a renowned international SEO expert. A pioneer in the field, Chris provides SEO services to local, national, and international clients.

    Chris Raulf, BSM SEO Agency CEO
    Daniel Burns of BSM
    Chief Operating Officer

    Daniel Burns, Chief Operating Officer

    Daniel has more than 20 years of experience managing strategic development. His proven track record of stimulating revenue gains is founded on improving efficiency.

    An enigma of sorts, Daniel loves books as much as he loves radical sports. Hailing from Brazil, he has a taste for adventure and has biked across Europe and sailed across the Atlantic. After graduating from the University of Miami, he used his broadening experiences to develop lateral thinking, which he applies when turning shareholder expectations into actionable strategies.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long have you been providing search engine optimization in Boulder?
    BSM has been helping Boulder businesses climb the ranks since 2009.
    Where do you perform the work you do?
    Our staff handles everything in-house. When you hire our team, you get our team. We never delegate tasks to third-party vendors who are outsiders.
    How much will an SEO package cost my company each month?
    Because we customize each package, there’s no flat rate. Smaller, local clients with fewer needs typically spend between $1,250 and $1,750 on our services each month. More prominent, national clients spend anywhere from $1,750 to $3,500 per month. Finally, our international clients spend anywhere from $3,500 to $20,000 monthly on our SEO services. At the end of the day, the price of your package will depend on your unique objectives.
    How many months of services will I need to achieve my desired results?
    Since so many variables influence search engine rankings, it’s hard to give clients a specific timeline for seeing results. Generally speaking, however, the businesses we help usually start noticing improvements within two to four months.
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