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How an Elevation Tent Manufacturer Climbed 20 Positions on Google to Land the #1 Spot:

Mountain Air Cardio SEO Case Study

At a Glance

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Mountain Air Cardio is composed of engineers and outdoor enthusiasts who are devoted to helping people improve their health and wellness. They support cardio improvement and weight loss by harnessing the power of technology to create high altitude conditions. Customers who want to maximize performance can rent or buy their elevation tents to simulate high altitude environments in the comfort of home.

Chris Raulf
Founder and President, BSM
“As an outdoor enthusiast myself, I was excited to help Mountain Air Cardio gain a lot more traction in search results. And the day they surpassed REI? I was blown away!”


When Mountain Air Cardio turned to us for help, their website was in fairly good shape from a technical standpoint. On a practical level, however, their homepage was a bit convoluted, and it wasn’t entirely clear what they provided. As you can imagine, this was hurting their bottom line. They were also facing some SEO challenges and couldn’t seem to break onto the first—or even second—page of Google for their most important keyword phrase. With that in mind, they were hoping to achieve the following:
  1. Reach page 1 of Google for “elevation tents”
  2. Surpass their biggest competitors on the SERPs for relevant keyword phrases
  3. Establish their products as the best on the market
  4. Foster trust among those in need of elevation tents, like endurance athletes


After evaluating the client’s website from all angles, we determined their homepage was a prime candidate for a Micro-SEO Strategy℠ focused on the keyword “elevation tents.” We set to work right away by taking the following steps:

  1. Created a wireframe outlining the layout of the new homepage
  2. Obtained approval of the wireframe from the client
  3. Created optimized content for all the text potions of the wireframe
  4. Incorporated images, videos, CTAs, FAQs, and infographics on the home page
  5. Optimized the meta data on the back end of the page
  6. Updated the page’s schema and internal linking
Once we launched the updated page, we supported it with a press release and several posts on various social media platforms. As we watched the client climb the SERPs for “elevation tents,” we continued publishing content for them, so they could maintain their momentum and ultimately achieve their SEO goals.

The Results

Google wasted no time in recognizing Mountain Air Cardio’s updated home page. While it’s virtually impossible to address all the algorithm’s ranking signals–no one knows exactly what they are, after all– we were confident our hyper-focused approach had at least touched on the most important ones. Consequently, our client’s home page soared to the top of the SERP and landed on the number one slot for “elevation tents.” That meant people who were actually looking to rent or buy their products could finally find them with ease.

Key Metrics

Check out these incredible metrics we captured over the course of the campaign:
The Slot That Mountain Air Finally Achieved on the SERPs
The Number of Positions that Mountain Air Climbed
And Counting! The Total Impressions That Mountain Air Got from the Increased Visibility
Because of our diligent efforts, the client’s home page also snagged the number one slot on the SERP for “elevation tents near me,” surpassing REI in the process. Moreover, their impressions increased steadily, and they’re still rising as we write this!

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