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Friday SEO Tip | What Is A Good SEO Keyword?

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Hello, my name is Chris Raulf. I’m the founder of Boulder SEO Marketing. Welcome to Today’s Friday SEO Tip. I just spoke at a conference earlier this week in Silicon Valley. One of the questions that I got was like, “hey, what is a good SEO keyword?” So the answer- it depends. But let’s dissect keyword research a little bit. Let’s figure out what may be a good keyword for you.

We’re going to use SE Ranking for this exercise. Head over to SE Ranking, then click on Keyword Research, and this will take you to this window here. Why don’t we use one of our target SEO keywords that we actually optimized for? The one we’re now ranking at the top of Google. That’s actually getting us a lot of organic search traffic, leads and new customers. So, in this case, I’m going to type in Denver SEO and click on Analyze. So basically, this is the information that I want to have access to. So SE ranking is telling me in terms of difficulty, it’s 42, it’s doable. But I would say, don’t worry so much. Even if it’s a super difficult keyword, nowadays, we can basically get anyone to the top of Google for any kind of keyword with the right SEO strategy. If you’re just getting started with SEO, don’t go with 100% keywords. Go with something that’s maybe a little bit lower. Then you also want to make sure that there is adequate search volume. That is relative if you’re going for a super long-tail keyword, e.g., “Best Denver SEO company that also offers social media marketing,” or something like that, so the drawing will be lower.

There are actually a lot of people searching for this keyword on a monthly basis. If we can get a piece of that cake, that’d be very attractive, and we’ll get a new client. Then we’re also looking at what is the cost per click if you were to run a Google Ads campaign. This is telling me, “hey, a lot of other SEO agencies in the Denver area are bidding for this keyword.” So this is telling me there’s probably a lot of intent behind this keyword, which I’m going to talk about in a second. Then if you use SE ranking for your keyword research, you’re probably familiar with these sections down here. There are other keyword ideas, similar keywords, related keywords, low search volume keywords, and usually longer tail keywords. If you don’t find the right keyword right away, check out these other options that SE Ranking is providing or suggesting.

In this case, I do think this is a good keyword to optimize for. Let’s head over to Google Trends. Before I lock in the Target SEO keyword for our company or our customers, make sure that people are actually searching for it and that the trend is going up and not down. You can go back to 2004. Wow! There was a lot of demand apparently in 2016; for 2017, it went down, and now it’s trending up again. All right, this is what I want to see with the keywords that we’re going to optimize for.

Then last but not least, take a look at the Google search engine results pages. What is Google displaying in relation to this search? So we got the paid ads up here as we saw a lot of people are paying to get clicks to their website through paid ads. Then we have the local map pack here, and then there’s a directory, the best directory lists other SEO agencies and then look at that, we’re the number one organic search result after this directory. So what I want to see here is other competitors, basically, other Denver SEO companies. If I wouldn’t see other competitors, it may not be a great keyword. There are other directories and other SEO companies in Denver. For us, this would be or actually is a great keyword. It’s driving a lot of traffic to our website. So hopefully, this inspires you to find the right target SEO keywords. Again, it’s not like this is the best keyword or this is the wrong keyword. You really have to do your research. Sometimes you get it right, and sometimes you get it wrong. But if you adjust your strategy as needed, eventually, you will get there.

So good luck with this. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Thank you. Bye. Happy weekend.

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