Circle to Search: Another Gamechanger from Google | Friday SEO Tip

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Circle to Search: Yet Another Gamechanger from Google

There’s been another search revolution! This week, Google unveiled a groundbreaking new feature for Android users: Circle to Search. Watch the video above to see how Google is continuing to reshape the way we find information online:

Circle Your Way to Product Nirvana

Imagine circling a gorgeous handbag in a blog post and instantly seeing relevant shops selling it. Meet Circle to Search, an Android-exclusive feature that Google announced on January 17th. Simply circle (or highlight or scribble over) anything in an image, and Google will reveal a treasure trove of results related to your selection.

With the right approach, this could become a goldmine for e-commerce brands. Here are some tips for leveraging it:

  • Boost SEO with High-Quality Images: Google loves rich content, so prioritize captivating visuals in your blog posts and guides. Showcase your products in action, and watch as Circle to Search drives customers directly to your website.
  • Climb the Ranks with Educational Content: Craft compelling content about your products, like sneaker buying guides or DIY styling tips. Include high-quality images, and voila! You’re on your way to top search results, primed for Circle-driven traffic.

I also want to talk about Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) because it’s going to change life as we know it (at least when it comes to the search engine result pages). And that goes for everyone with a website, not just e-commerce brands!

Gone are the days of endless scrolling through SERPs. SGE presents information in a neatly collapsed format, offering curated snippets and answers at your fingertips. Take the search “small business SEO packages,” for example. As you can see in the video above, SGE presents a dedicated section packed with relevant details well above the first actual result, saving you precious clicks.

But what does this mean for SEO? Here’s how you can adapt your site:

  • Embrace the Shift: Traditional ranking tactics may not guarantee top billing anymore. Instead, focus on creating content that seamlessly fits within SGE’s format. Offer concise and informative answers to common questions, and you’ll be well-positioned to dominate those collapsed sections.
  • Think Beyond Ranking: While SGE may influence click-through rates, it doesn’t spell doom for organic traffic. Diversify your strategy with social media, email marketing, and other channels to ensure your brand stays visible.

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