Could SafeSearch Be Filtering Your Website? | Friday SEO Tip

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Help Google Decide If or How to Apply SafeSearch Filters

Today’s tip is brought to you by Valerie Ortega, one of BSM’s phenomenal Project Leaders and an SEO Strategist in the making. In the video, she talks about SafeSearch, a feature on Google that filters out explicit content. Could this filter be affecting your rankings?

SafeSearch aims to protect users from seeing disturbing images that depict things like nudity and violence. If your site has any content that Google deems explicit, it could be affecting your rankings. Check out this video to learn how you can help Google understand the nature of your content. 

As for optimizing your site so it ensures a safe user experience, Valerie recommends adding metadata to pages with explicit content and grouping them in a separate location. You should also allow Google to fetch your video content files and let Googlebot crawl your content without triggering the age gate. 

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