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Friday SEO Tip | Google Sitelinks Best Practices

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Hello. I am Chris Raulf here with Boulder SEO Marketing. Welcome to our weekly Friday SEO tip. By the way, I’m going to put all of the links that I’m sharing with you in this video down into the description area. So let’s get to it.

Today I’m going to talk about site links. It’s a little bit more of an advanced SEO strategy that we use here at Boulder SEO Marketing. Let me explain what site links are. As you can see here from this Google document. I’ll put the link to this document down there. Site links are links from the same domain that are clustered together under a web result. For example, if you do a search for, let’s say, “Google Search Central,” this would be shown as part of the snippet that shows up in the search engine results pages. It’s a great way to push down your competition from page number one. We’ll get back to this document, where we talk about best practices.

Basically, if we look at the BSM website, take a look at this free SEO audit page. It’s not a very attractive page to rank naturally organically in Google. We created this page to definitely get leads. We get a notification if somebody is using this page. So it’s not doing extremely well in organic search. It’s not very well optimized at this point. However, let me show you what’s going on with this page. I’m heading over to Google Search Console under Search Results, and this is the page. So it’s not getting very many clicks. The average position is 54 for keywords related to this page. Apparently, this page is ranking at position 1.7 in Google for the keyword “Boulder SEO Agency.”

Well, let’s take a look. So I’m going incognito, typing Boulder SEO agency. We’re going to do an incognito search. This doesn’t take my previous browser history into account. We’re number one here for our Google Business Profile. We’re number one in the organic search results, the text-based search results. Check this out, Free SEO audit. This is actually a site link. So Google counts basically the site link listing as an actual result for that keyword. If I click on it, it takes the person right to this audit tool. A lot of people are using this audit tool, so it’s definitely working. I’ll talk more about best practices on how to get these site links. If you look at these other SEO agencies, I don’t think they are doing an amazing job with these site links. These guys have site links here, but all of these competitors, SEO friends here in the Boulder area, could learn a thing or two here by optimizing for these site links. So let’s talk about best practices.

So, site link best practices. It’s not something that you can tell Google, “Hey, please include these site links.” Basically, follow these best practices here, and you’ll have a good chance of Google actually creating these site links for your target SEO keyword so that you can provide your target audience with a better user experience and get people to certain important pages on your website. Also, a bit more of an advanced site-linked best practice that I want to show you- very important for bigger brands that sell a lot of stuff online. If you’re the best buy, those are the paid ads up here, but check this out; this is the first organic search result. They have a site link search box. Let’s say I just bought a Pixel phone. I can type directly in the Google search what I’m looking for. I don’t have to go to the website. Look at this, that’s the phone that I bought. So the site link search boxes for bigger brands are very important.

This is how you do it. You have to mess around with schema website structured data, not rocket science. It gives your user a great option to directly search for products on the Google search engine results pages. Again, this is not rocket science, but it’s a great way to provide your user with a better experience.

I hope you learned a thing or two, and I definitely invite you to reach out if you have any questions. This is a great way to push down your competition a little bit further on page number one and provide your target audience with a better user experience.

Alright, I hope you learned something. Talk to you soon. Bye.

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