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Boulder SEO Marketing Founder Chris Raulf Sat Down with Julia McLaughlin of The Agency Toolkit Podcast to Discuss His Journey as an Entrepreneur

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Boulder SEO Marketing (BSM), a hyper-focused Denver SEO company, announced today that The Agency Toolkit Podcast had released the episode featuring founder and president Chris Raulf. In June, Chris sat down with Julia McLaughlin to discuss his career in digital marketing. Anyone interested in listening to the interview may access the podcast by visiting

Chris started the 25-minute conversation by talking about the earliest days of BSM and how he positioned himself as an international SEO consultant & expert from day one. He also discussed the importance of building a strong team and holding out for passionate professionals he knew he could trust.

When Julia asked how Chris made sure BSM was a success, he chalked it up to two things. Realizing that he’d had it with corporate America, he couldn’t do it anymore. He had to do something else, so he wrote a letter of resignation and gave himself a month to build a website.

“Quite frankly, I didn’t care if I succeeded or not,” Chris told Julia, reflecting on his headspace at the time. “It was just something I had to do… I think that’s a mindset you need to have as an entrepreneur. You cannot think that you’re going to fail. You just have to do it.”

The second thing Chris attributed his success to is the Eisenhower Method. To apply this principle, you complete the urgent and important tasks, then those that are important but not urgent, and you eliminate the rest, or at least delegate them where possible.

“As an entrepreneur, you’re gonna wear dozens of hats,” he said. “Make sure you spend your time wisely on the right tasks…  Let things go. You cannot do everything.” For budding entrepreneurs, this is a great reminder to spend time doing what you’re best at and empowering the rest of your team to do the same.

You can listen to the entire episode on Audible, Spotify, or Google Podcast.

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Written by Daniel Burns

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