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Friday SEO Tip | Use LinkedIn to Boost Your Site’s Backlink Profile

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Hello and welcome to this Friday’s SEO Tip. My name is Chris Raulf. I’m the founder of Boulder SEO Marketing. Today, I briefly want to talk about how to take advantage of a new feature in LinkedIn for your SEO and to get more people to your website. We all know that getting people to a website is not that easy. There’s organic SEO, and there’s pay per click, there’s referral traffic, etc.

One great tool to get your referral traffic to your website is LinkedIn. As you can see here, this is LinkedIn referral traffic to our website. The thing is that a lot of people actually convert once they get from LinkedIn over to our website. They reach out to us through our Contact Us form, and it’s lending us new clients on a regular basis. It’s a great way to get high-quality referral traffic to your website. Then another benefit of using LinkedIn for your overall SEO image marketing strategy or SEO strategy is that these links from LinkedIn, Google actually counts them as active backlinks to your website. As you can see here, we’re in the links section in the Google Search console to the Boulder SEO Marketing website right here. We’re getting backlinks from LinkedIn to these pages here. That can be in a post, in an article, image etc. I’ll briefly talk about the LinkedIn article in a second here. These links from LinkedIn to your website actually count as an active backlink. We all know that backlinks are still one of the most important ranking signals in Google’s algorithm.

I think about two months ago, Google introduced a new feature that you can add on your personal profile on LinkedIn. It’s right here. Check this out. Right under my name, title, and the hashtag that I’m using, there is now an active link. The anchor text says, “Top-rated online SEO courses.” If you click on that, you’ll be directed to our website, where we offer our online SEO courses. They’re available for free. You just have to sign up, and you get instant access to our SEO courses.

This is an awesome feature, right? It’s nicely highlighted right there. This is how you do it. Simply go to your profile, click on that edit button there, scroll down, and this is where you find information. You can add one link in this field, and then you can add the link text or anchor text so that people know where they are going to get to once they click on that link. So right there, it’s an awesome new feature. I definitely recommend that you take advantage of this feature.

Also, if you’re not already publishing content on LinkedIn, you may be able to set up your own newsletter on LinkedIn associated with your personal profile. It’s an awesome tool. I personally and I already have nearly 2300 subscribers to my LinkedIn profile that I try to send out weekly. Struggling a little bit with being on vacation and having too much work to do here, but this is a great way to get your content in front of the right people. As you can see here, we did a webinar where we talked about micro SEO strategies. You can embed videos, and you can hyperlink words and link back to other websites, including your own website, so that again counts as a backlink to your website. It’s an awesome feature as well.

I do hope you’re going to take advantage of LinkedIn and what this tool has to offer. It’s free, and I think you definitely should take advantage of what LinkedIn has to offer. I hope this helps. Be safe, be well. Talk to you soon. Bye.

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