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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Use Cases in Marketing: Insights From An Industry Expert

As a leading Denver SEO company, my team and I are always researching and evaluating new tools and technologies that shape the rapidly evolving digital marketing industry. Have you heard of robotic process automation (RPA) yet? It’s a strategy that a growing number of companies are adopting to help them save time and money, improve accuracy and increase productivity in a wide range of data-related tasks. These software “robots” (small computer programs that perform simple functions) are commonly used in a number of industries including insurance, financial services, healthcare, and government to name just a few.

But how can marketers and online marketing agencies take advantage of RPA for themselves and their customers? I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with RPA expert Charlie Weidman of Buddha Logic. Charlie is one of today’s leading experts in the field of robotics process automation and I hope you’ll find time to watch the 5-minute interview below. Charlie discusses RPA use cases in marketing and more:

How Companies Benefit from RPA in Marketing

While marketers typically don’t require the kinds of software robots that capture data from application forms or accelerate claims processing, there is still a strong need for RPA in marketing. This is true, in part, because marketing departments and digital marketing agencies tend to be asked to operate fairly lean. Consequently, any tool that can take some simple, repetitive work off a marketer’s plate is eagerly embraced.

How, specifically, can robotic process automation help marketers? The RPA use cases in marketing are as unique and varied as the users themselves, but some of the more common include:

  • RPA in Marketing
    Executing automated web searches for information on prospects or competitors.
    These kinds of searches take place now, but they are typically performed by human workers. A software robot can complete work that takes a person many hours in just a few seconds.
  • Validating/updating information on existing customers. One of the best ways to increase sales is to stay in touch with current customers. Software robots can regularly review the contact information on incoming correspondence and ensure that your customer database is updated as needed.
  • Providing prompt responses to requests for information. Prospects are much more likely to become customers if you get back to them quickly when they have a question or request information. A software robot can monitor incoming requests and generate a friendly and engaging reply that keeps the conversation moving until an employee needs to get involved.
  • Streamlining the transition from legacy systems to new solutions. Manually moving data from an old system (a CRM solution, for example) to a new one can be time-consuming and comes with a significant risk of errors. Companies that capitalize on RPA in marketing can convert from one system to another with very little business disruption and they can be confident that the software robot has completed the tasks with 100 percent accuracy.

Ultimately, virtually any movement or manipulation of data or digital files can be performed by a robot. You define the rules, and the robot follows them to the letter wherever and whenever it is directed to do so. And having one or more robots on call in a “digital workforce” frees employees to work on other projects.

Step 1: Consider Your RPA Use Cases. Step 2: Implement Your Own Buddha Botz.

Charlie’s company, Buddha Logic, is a leading provider of custom-defined software robots. As I’ve seen first hand, it’s Buddha Botz can be designed, tested and launched very quickly. And, the organization’s goal is to train companies to develop their own robots once they get more comfortable with the process.

How many hours a day, week or month could your company save using a digital workforce tailored to your specific needs? No question the answer is “Many!” The Buddha Logic team is happy to talk with you about your needs and their capabilities. Don’t hesitate to reach out, I’ll be happy to connect you with Charlie and his team.

Chris Raulf
Written by Chris Raulf

Chris Raulf is the founder of BSM, a hyper-focused SEO agency, located in Denver, Boulder and Los Angeles. Chris and his team assist local, national, and international clients with all of their SEO, web design and conversion rate optimization needs. Chris has over two decades of hands-on experience under his belt and his multilingual background has helped him become a globally recognized international SEO expert.

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