Safeguard Your Site’s Reputation to Protect Your Rankings | Friday SEO Tip

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Safeguard Your Site’s Reputation to Protect Your Rankings

Hello from beautiful Austin! For today’s tip, I want to talk about Google’s policies regarding site reputation abuse. A few days ago, Google’s SearchLiaison confirmed that enforcement kicked off on May 6th. Check out the video above to learn more.

What is site reputation abuse? Well, if a third party posts irrelevant or low-quality content on your site with little to no oversight, it’s considered site reputation abuse. A common example is an affiliate marketer posting coupon codes or product comparisons on a news platform that has a high domain authority. It’s essentially “piggybacking” on high-ranking pages, and the algorithm is taking notice. Under the new policies, Google will start deindexing the pages on the first-party site that are being abused.

You can learn more about site reputation abuse directly from Google.

What’s the best way to avoid getting deindexed under the new policies?

It all comes down to publishing high-quality content. As long as the content on your site is helpful and relevant, Google will consider your site reputable.

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