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Our world changed dramatically overnight with the spread of the COVID-19 virus. As it raced its way across the globe, we saw strict guidelines put in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus. As a result, many businesses across the world are suffering and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Even with vaccines now being available, it is predicted that the world will have to deal with a long and painful economic recovery. However, we’ve had recessions before, and the economy will stabilize and thrive hopefully sooner than later again.

As economies around the globe a gaining strength again, your business should be ready too. In fact, now is probably the best time to get your digital marketing plan in place or step it up a notch if you already have one.

Yes, it comes with a cost, but your competitors will take your business if you don’t. Companies that have a robust online presence and an active digital marketing strategy will have a better chance to thrive in the post-COVID-19 economy. Take advantage of any resources available to you right now, and invest in a powerful online presence for your business today.

Yellow Pages? What Are Those?

Do kids today even know what the Yellow Pages are? Long gone are the days when we turned to the Yellow Pages to find a plumber or a restaurant. In today’s digitally driven world, understanding how to implement a robust digital marketing strategy will not only help increase web traffic and brand awareness but also ultimately boost sales. The online buzz around search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing are serious for a reason: If you’re able to improve your website’s rankings in the search engines, you’ll get more people to visit your site, and you’re able to boost lead generation and sales.

Upcoming Digital Marketing Courses: Streamed Live from Denver

Now is the time to really focus on how to improve your company’s online presence. Things will turn around—and you want to be ready!

For obvious reasons, all of our in-person digital marketing courses had to get postponed for the time being, but I’m excited to announce that we’re hosting complimentary online marketing webinars on a regular basis.


The information presented in our digital marketing courses enables attendees to implement or improve their current strategies. Please find below a preview of some of the content that will be discussed in our educational online marketing webinars.

1. Website Storytelling Is More Important than Ever

Content Marketing and StorytellingIs your website engaging? Do customers stay on your website and take action or do they leave? Are you checking your Google Analytics to see how site visitors are interacting with your website? Are you performing usability testing to get more specific answers? Website storytelling is critical for keeping your potential customers engaged and for them to stay on your website. If your website isn’t keeping their interest, you’ll lose customers.

There are multiple ways to make your website tell a story, depending on what products or services you’re providing. For example, some businesses should have numerous pictures to display their products, while others can do with one distinct image. Consider hiring a digital marketing agency to help you tell your story in ways that you may not have thought of otherwise.

2. Optimize Your Site to Receive Organic Search Traffic (SEO)

Storytelling goes hand-in-hand with optimizing your web pages for keywords to get organic search traffic to your site. Having a great website isn’t enough—you need people to find your site online. If your website doesn’t land within the first few results for your keywords, chances are you’ll lose customers. So make it easy for your customers to find you—do your keyword research.

A digital marketing agency can help you with keywords and a broader digital marketing strategy. Incorporating keywords into your website is one thing, but you also need to consider how you’re going to generate fresh content using keywords so that Google finds you relevant and continues to rank you highly. Having a content marketing strategy is a must to keep you in favor with Google.

3. Conversational Funnel Strategy

Conversational marketing is a tactic to engage with your customers through social media. Do you already have a 2-way conversation strategy in place that allows you to communicate with your customers along each step of the buyer’s journey? People buy from people and brands that they like, so start thinking about the types of conversations you have with your customers. Are they engaging? Do they turn people into buyers? Do they continue to interact with your brand after they’ve already made a purchase?

Use this opportunity in a slower economy to produce a results-driven sales funnel based on nurturing relationships with customers along all phases of the buyer’s journey.

4. Omnichannel Content Strategy

With so many ways to get information these days, from social media channels to videos to emails, now is an excellent time to think about reaching your target audience in different ways. Do you know where your customers are spending their time online? If you know that you can reach customers in more ways than you’re currently doing, consider bringing in a digital marketing agency to help plan out your omnichannel content strategy.

It may be as simple as reusing some of your existing content with a few tweaks, or you may need to create entirely new content for additional channels. With the economy slowing down, seize this opportunity to widen your net.


SEO Courses Succeeding with digital marketing and SEO is not rocket science but you need to know what you don’t know. I started my business using the strategies that we’ll discuss in these webinars. Using these strategies has changed my life.

If you’re looking to boost your company’s online presence, make sure to join us for one or more of our upcoming digital marketing courses.

All the best, and stay healthy out there.

PS: Still not sure if your business could benefit from SEO and digital marketing? I invite you to use our free SEO audit tool. It provides you with an 8-page report in less than a minute. I’ll be happy to discuss the findings of this report in a complimentary screen share meeting or phone call. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Written by Chris Raulf

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