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Using Reviews to Climb the Rankings

Today’s tip is about a specific algorithm update that launched a few days ago and is being rolled out alongside the core update: Google’s November 2023 reviews update. This one aims to purge fake reviews. 

As mentioned in the video above, Google pays attention to what real people are saying about real products and services. The more reviews you get from real customers, the greater the chance your rankings will improve (assuming, of course, the reviews are positive). 

If you have a Google Business Profile and are getting reviews, always respond to them. Enable notifications, and keep basic review etiquette in mind when replying. Google will take note, and if you include keywords in your response, it will provide more context, making it easier for the algorithm to rank your pages. 

The best way to get reviews that Google will notice immediately is by sharing the link on your Google Business Profile under the “Ask for Reviews” section. Send it to your customers and ask if they’d write about their experience. It may also be helpful to share this handy guide on writing high-quality reviews:

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