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High-quality Content Marketing is the Real Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Although Google hasn’t confirmed it yet, it appears that they released an update called “Fred” to their search engine algorithm in March of 2017, which at least partially targets the quality of websites. A number of websites reported a drop in organic search traffic by 50% or higher overnight. It seems that many of these websites had low-quality content and a lot of ads, neither of which provide value to readers.

The reverse of that scenario may just be true as well – high-quality websites that provide value to the user may be ranking higher. That definitely appears to be the case for the majority of our customers. Many of our customers have previously attended one of our SEO classes here in the Denver area or they’re enrolled in our self-paced, non-technical, online SEO course. All of our search engine optimization trainings include a section on how to develop a high-quality content marketing strategy, and quite frankly, I’m not surprised to see that the work is paying off for our workshop attendees and our customers – literally! Let’s take a look at two specific customer examples.

Two Content Marketing and SEO Customer Success Stories

Customer one is a relatively small e-commerce site. In order to track the success of our digital marketing efforts, we implemented Google Goal Tracking so that we can actually measure how often users complete purchases on the site and through which channels. As you can see from the example below, conversions and sales directly related to Google organic search traffic increased by nearly 84% year-over-year.