How a Barware Company Jumped 9 Slots on the Google SERPs to Surpass Even Amazon for the Keyword “Pour Spouts”:

Crew Supply E-Commerce SEO Case Study

The Results

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Chris Raulf Founder Boulder Seo Opt

To help clients outrank the biggest online retailers, including Amazon, is one of our ultimate goals. When we got Crew Supply the top slot, it was definitely worth celebrating!

Chris Raulf

Founder and President, BSM

At a Glance

Crew Supply specializes in innovative and easy-to-clean barware that’s built to last. When mixologists and baristas get fed up with unreliable tools that break after a single shift, they turn to Crew Supply—if they can find them. Because Crew Supply is competing with major online marketplaces like Walmart and Amazon, they need to appear as high as possible in search results to gain new customers. As for keeping them, once bartenders use Crew Supply’s tools, they never look back.


When Crew Supply approached us, they wanted to:

  1. Outrank the other barware retailers on the search engine results pages (SERPs)
  2. Appeal to mixologists and baristas who genuinely care about their craft
  3. Boost organic search traffic
  4. Let their target audience know they exist


With Crew Supply’s goals in mind, we started with SE Ranking’s Competitive Research tools to identify the best page for our hyper-focused approach. These tools allowed us to determine target keywords based on search volume and position. Keywords with high search volume and high intent are “low-hanging fruit,” which essentially means they’re ripe for the plucking. After viewing a detailed report of organic keywords and considering the client’s target audience, we chose to focus on “pour spouts.”

We then scanned Crew Supply’s website for pages already ranking for “pour spouts” on page 2 or 3 of the SERPs. When we found an existing blog post that fit the bill, we knew we had a winning strategy.

Taking all we had learned, we drafted a detailed wireframe outlining the layout of the new page. This wireframe included internal linking, infographics, product images, optimized descriptions, FAQs, comparable products, calls to action, and reviews. Put another way, it was designed to be the best piece of content on the web about pour spouts, so Google would have to take notice.

Once the blog was updated, we launched a comprehensive PR strategy. This included publishing a press release and promoting the page on social media.

Here’s a simplified version of all the steps we took to deploy Crew Supply’s Micro-SEO Strategy℠:


  1. Find the low-hanging fruit.
  2. Evaluate comparable pages on competing sites.
  3. Create high-quality content.
  4. Implement a PR initiative.

The Results

The updated blog post, now titled The Ultimate Guide to Pour Spouts, started climbing the rankings almost immediately, and Crew Supply saw a steady increase in traffic. What’s more, the page reached the first slot on the SERP for “pour spouts” within a matter of months, deeming the hyper-focused strategy a huge success!


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Key Metrics

Check out these incredible metrics we captured over the course of the campaign:


The Number of Slots Crew Supply Jumped on the SERPs


And Counting! The Total Impressions That Crew Supply Got from the Increased Visibility

When Crew Supply initially shared its goals with us, the company had never dreamed of surpassing the likes of Amazon, Walmart, or Target. Thanks to our Micro-SEO Strategy℠, though, they were able to surpass all of them. As an added benefit, they received many more clicks and impressions because people saw their site first. Moreover, they’re now ranking for hundreds of other pour spout-related keywords globally.


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