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Search Engine Optimization Expert Chris Raulf to Discuss How to Outrank Any Competitor in Google in Informational Webinar Hosted by SE Ranking

Chris Raulf joins leading SEO platform SE Ranking to provide an in-depth presentation on why Micro-SEO Strategies ℠ are the new name of the search engine optimization game

Boulder SEO Marketing, Denver’s premier SEO agency, announced today that Chris Raulf, its Founder & President, joins the Ukrainian-based SEO platform SE Ranking to host a webinar entitle Outrank Any Competitor with Micro-SEO Strategies (No Joke). Scheduled for Tuesday, May 10, 2022, at 9 am PDT, the webinar contains in-depth instruction on the concept and implementation of “Micro-SEO Strategies”, a highly effective search engine optimization technique created by Raulf. Additional information and registration for the complimentary webinar are available by visiting

Outrank any competitor with Micro-SEO Strategies The hour-long online event sets high expectations and does so intentionally. Targeted at experienced SEO and digital marketing professionals, the webinar is intended to give digital marketers of all sizes (and budgets) equal footing in the quest for Google’s front page. Citing several major updates to Google’s search algorithm in the past few years, Raulf believes that (with the right strategies) the present algorithm leaves Google’s front page up for the taking.

“Using Micro-SEO Strategies, even small businesses can now rank above corporate giants such as Amazon, Walmart, or Target on Google Search,” Raulf said. “This isn’t just some theory or loose concept – these are the same strategies that we’re actively using for our clients. In the webinar, I’ll discuss how we helped a small barware e-commerce website outrank the largest online marketplaces.”

The webinar hopes to prepare registrants to utilize their newfound knowledge immediately. Aiding them in this journey, Boulder SEO Marketing will share and equip webinar registrants with process templates to assist in this endeavor.

This isn’t the first time that Raulf and SE Ranking have crossed paths. Based in Ukraine, SE Ranking has continued operations through the chaos and uncertainty beget by the Russian invasion. An activist and outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin, Raulf views the company’s perseverance as a model of professional excellence and human resilience.

“I don’t just view them as business partners – these men and women are my friends,” Raulf stated. “And, of course, the platform itself is excellent and I can highly recommend this incredible SEO tool”.

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Daniel Burns
Written by Daniel Burns

For over 20 years, Daniel has a proven record of managing strategic direction and development – driving revenue gains and improving their efficiency and effectiveness. Daniel grew up in Brazil and graduated from the University of Miami. An avid reader and adept at radical sports, he sailed across the Atlantic and biked across Europe. These broadening experiences give him the ability to think laterally, turning stakeholder expectations into successful digital strategies.

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