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A Deep Dive on SEO Packages:
Rates, Services, Advantages,
and Risks.

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How Much Do SEO Packages Cost in the United States?

The industry standard for an SEO package from a reputable agency ranges from $2,000 to $7,000 per month.

Buying products that have been bundled together is often more affordable than purchasing them individually. This is why SEO packages are so appealing to business owners who care about their bottom line. 

When you buy an SEO services package, you’re enlisting a pool of experts to work on your web presence for a certain number of hours per month. The more you pay, the more work the experts do, and—hopefully—the faster you’ll see results.

Like most products, the cost of an SEO package can vary immensely, and—like most products—you get what you pay for. While that doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive bundle you can find, you should be wary of working with an agency that charges a fraction of what their competitors do.

Source: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/seo-cost-calculator/264305/

Our SEO Packages

At Boulder SEO Marketing (BSM), our search engine optimization packages are available in three tiers. At every tier, clients get access to our entire team, which is comprised of SEO professionals, technical wizards, social media specialists, and content writers. We’ve found that assigning dedicated subject matter experts to every project ensures the biggest return on investment. 


There’s only one difference between each tier, in fact, and that’s the level of engagement we provide on a day-to-day basis.  


For eligible businesses that want to see impressive results in less than a year, we recommend the 2K Plan. This plan yields consistent results in about eight months. For companies on a more ambitious timeline, we have a 3K Plan. While no agency can guarantee results (after all, no one besides Google knows exactly what goes into the ever-changing algorithm), we have seen packages of this tier yield better rankings in less than half a year. 


Finally, for those who want to climb the SERPs as quickly as possible, we have a 4K Plan. This SEO services package includes the maximum level of engagement, which allows us to devise and implement actionable strategies in about three months. With the right Micro-SEO strategy(SM), though, we can start delivering results in as little as two months.

Eco Plan


Pro Plan


Elite Plan


What our SEO Packages Include

While most SEO agencies find an approach that works and then apply it to every campaign, we devise a unique, hyper-focused strategy for each of our clients. Called Micro-SEO Strategies(SM), these campaigns allow even the smallest players to overtake international corporations in the rankings. You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Reach out and see for yourself why we’re in a league of our own.

"Are We A Good Fit" Session

As a boutique agency, we don’t work with just anyone. Before taking you on as a client, we want to make sure our approach will actually yield results, so we’ll host a no-obligation strategy session.

Micro-SEO Focused Strategy

Micro-SEO Strategies(SM) are the foundation of every successful campaign we run. By identifying low-hanging fruit that’s ripe for the plucking, we help clients outrank even their largest and most visible competitors.

Strategy Session With Owners

The people you meet with during your onboarding are the same ones who will oversee your campaigns. While every client gets a dedicated project manager as their point of contact, they still meet with our founders regularly.

On-Going Restrategy

Once a site climbs the rankings, we want to make sure it stays there. Since the algorithms are ever-changing, we modify our strategies every 3 to 6 months, too. This keeps your site from getting stale.

Over Communication

We attribute half our success to the actual work we do and the other half to how we communicate it. Clients get daily updates via email as well as custom reports every month, so they always know where they stand.

Month to Month Contract

We don’t lock clients into long-term contracts because the results we deliver are enough to keep them around. In fact, we still have the first client we landed 12 years ago! Our services are easy to renew from month to month.

Ready to have a conversation about your project?

When selecting an SEO agency

BSM is not your average SEO agency. We completely revamped our methodology based on the most recent algorithm updates, and we’ll continue modifying our approach as long as Google keeps changing theirs. If you want to rise in the rankings, you can’t do what everyone else is doing, which is exactly why we don’t. Instead, our packages include proprietary features like a 100+ Point SEO Strategy Framework Assessment and revolutionary Micro-SEO Strategies(SM).

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What to look for in an agency?


"Are we a good fit" session

Before you hire an agency, you should make sure they’ll be able to meet your needs. If the owners are willing to meet with you for a free, no-obligation consultation, consider that a good sign.


100+ Point SEO Strategy Framework assessment

We developed a proprietary framework over which we’ll lay your website to identify low-hanging fruit, areas that need improvement, content that’s working for you, and layouts that are working against you.


Custom Micro-SEO Strategy

Your website is unique, so shouldn’t your SEO campaign be unique, too? Skip the cookie-cutter approach, and turn to someone who can provide a strategy that’s tailored to your particular industry, current position, and long-term goals.


In-house SEO Design team

If you turn to an agency that handles web design in-house, your bottom line will thank you. Climbing the rankings often demands ongoing updates and site developments, so finding an agency that offers both web design and SEO services will streamline your spending and your strategizing.


Month to month contracts

If your agency isn’t delivering results, you don’t want to be locked into a lengthy contract. You deserve the freedom to turn to someone else if you see fit, so look for an agency that renews their packages on a monthly basis.

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What to avoid in an agency?


Prices to good to be true

If you find an agency charging a fraction of what their competitors do, it might be tempting to sign on with them. There’s a good chance they’ll only do a fraction of the work, though. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to SEO packages.


Guarantee of results

Only Google knows what actually goes into determining their rankings. If an agency makes any kind of guarantee regarding specific results within a certain timeframe, you should steer clear.


Black hat SEO tactics

Agencies that deploy dated or shady tactics are only hurting their clients in the long run. Google catches on to the use of black hat tactics quickly and definitely makes a note of it when determining their rankings.


Delegation of tasks

Agencies that delegate tasks to a third party tend to charge more for doing less. Look for an agency that has in-house experts who you can actually call and talk to when you want to discuss your site’s strategies.


Long term contracts

If you sign a year-long contract but it becomes clear after a month or two that the agency won’t deliver, you’re going to have to decide whether you want to lose time or money. You can either wait out the contract, falling further behind in the process, or terminate it for a hefty fee.

What are Micro-SEO Strategies?

Conceived by Chris Raulf, founder and President of BSM, Micro-SEO Strategies(SM) are a revolutionary development in digital marketing. With the right application, these tactics essentially level the playing field, allowing small businesses to outrank major corporations like Amazon and Walmart. 

Micro-SEO Strategies(SM) account for the fact that Google doesn’t actually rank websites but, rather, individual pages. By identifying low-hanging fruit on just one or two pages of a client’s site and then implementing a well-rounded strategy for plucking it, those pages can rise to the top rapidly, attracting all that traffic that comes with it. 

The best SEO services packages include both Micro-SEO strategies(SM) for moving up in the rankings promptly and broader, sitewide tactics for staying there. If you have one without the other, your business will never achieve the kind of consistent traffic that delivers more conversions and, consequently, more revenue. 

Run an Audit to See If Your Website Could Benefit from a Micro-SEO Strategy(SM)

Play Video about Micro-SEO Strategies

Get Instant Access to our SEO Training Courses

Not quite ready for an SEO package?


Explore Revolutionary SEO Strategies That Are Agency-Approved

Want to broaden your knowledge of search engine optimization so your site will rank higher?

Our free SEO training classes are available on-demand, so you can complete them at your own pace. Designed to foster the skills needed to devise and implement successful SEO strategies, our courses appeal to entrepreneurs, self-starters, and business owners across every industry. If you want to attract not only more traffic but also the right traffic, this class will give you the tools needed to get started. Upon completing it, you’ll be able to generate more qualified leads and boost revenue in the process.

Case Study
Crew Supply Micro-SEO Strategy

Crew Supply Case Study - Analytics

We recently deployed a Micro-SEO Strategy for Crew Supply, an e-commerce site that sells barware. When we realized one of their old blog posts was ranking on page two for keywords like “pouring spout,” “pour spouts,” and “pouring spouts,” we devised a hyper-focused Micro-SEO Strategy(SM) to get it to page one. After making the blog post the best piece of content on the web for pour spout-related keywords, Google took notice.

Today, The Ultimate Guide to Pour Spouts (That You Never Knew You Needed) is Crew Supply’s second most visited organic search landing page on their entire site. What’s more, Google considers the blog post one of the top pages for pour spout-related content. It currently ranks in top organic positions for nearly 500 keywords.

The Proof is in The Pudding.
Check Out Our Reviews.

Isavis Rangel
Isavis Rangel
I participated on one of their seminars and it was really helpful and easy to understand.
Brenda Geiger
Brenda Geiger
I learned a lot during the Crash Course on Google Ads and Pay Per Click webinar hosted by Chris Raulf. Seeing the complete process of setting up a campaign removes the fear of getting lost in the weeds of Tech.
Michaell Magrutsche
Michaell Magrutsche
Thank you guys, you were really informative. I especially appreciate your honesty. I didn’t feel that you wanted to sell me anything but wanted to help me to get my web business going. And by doing this you expressed in detail how detailed all the nuances are, which explained the intricacies of your job. It is great that you leave the choice with the customer to want to get started with their SEO or have somebody do it for them. It made this choice very easy to do it yourself and so the decision is by the customer to hire a SEO specialist or not. High quality content.
Sheila Diamond
Sheila Diamond
I attended the SEO webinar and found the information incredibly informative and comprehensive. I have attended other webinars on SEO but Boulder SEO Marketing's webinar included more information than most and also shared tools I can use, which was really valuable! Chris and Daniel are very knowledgeable!
Professional, knowledgeable, in depth.
Adam Gearke
Adam Gearke
Had a great time at a half-day SEO workshop where Chris walked through the Five Pillars of SEO and how they might apply to different business needs and situations. Will be on the lookout for other sessions that Boulder SEO Marketing puts on!
Betsy Piland
Betsy Piland
Excellent SEO training experience. Learned so much, and the instructors were happy to provide guidance specific to your organization's challenges. I left the course excited to optimize!
Hanna Davis
Hanna Davis
I attended a half day PPC training event put on by Boulder SEO Marketing. The training was informative and covered a lot of topics. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants a review on Google Ads, is just starting to use the tool, or wants to learn about the new features the platform provides. I think it would be helpful if there were levels of these workshops (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) so less time could be spent on learning basics.
Lisa Buffo
Lisa Buffo
Boulder SEO Marketing is great! I took their online course and got the comprehensive, in-depth training I was looking for. They are knowledgeable and up to date with the constantly evolving world of SEO. I can't wait to use what I learned in my business!

Frequently Asked Questions

In 2022, the cost of search engine optimization packages for small businesses ranges from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars per month. Medium-sized companies can expect to spend upwards of $10,000 per month. Meanwhile, the largest corporations that want to attract an international audience might spend hundreds of thousands of dollars—or more—every month on SEO services.

Buying an SEO services package can be worthwhile if the bundle includes services tailored for your business and designed to get results. More than 9 out of 10 online experiences begin with a search engine. Coupled with the fact that 3 out of 4 internet users never click beyond the first page of search results, it quickly becomes clear how important it is to rank high (for the right keywords, of course). 

At BSM, our search engine optimization packages are tailored to our clients’ needs. That means no two bundles are identical. They’re all founded on the same five pillars, though, which account for most of the 250 ranking factors—give or take—that Google uses to organize search results.

 The five pillars around which every strategy is designed are:

  • Auditing and then addressing any technical issues on the website
  • Auditing and then improving the user experience and, consequently, the overall functionality of the website 
  • Implementing on-page SEO best practices based on content marketing 
  • Implementing off-page SEO best practices 
  • Establishing and then maintaining a presence on social media to connect with both existing and potential customers 

Since search engine optimization, content marketing, and social media marketing are interconnected, we tackle them simultaneously using a multi-pronged approach. As such, our SEO packages include more than SEO services. If you purchase one of our bundles, you’ll also get help with tech issues, content production, and social media management month after month. 

Climbing the SERPs is a marathon, not a sprint, and paying for ongoing services from month to month is a great way to ensure consistent and sustainable progress. At BSM, we don’t lock clients into lengthy contracts, but many of them continue using our services for a year or more. That being said, you don’t have to purchase an SEO package for even one month to rank above your competitors. 

Many business owners justify the expense because their time is better spent elsewhere. Still, there are many great resources if you want to take a DIY approach to search engine optimization. We recommend starting with an online introductory course so you gain a basic understanding of SEO before diving into more advanced tactics.

Google’s algorithm, which accounts for more than 200 factors, is a software script that matches webpages and other digital assets indexed in the search giant’s database against a keyword search. The better you address these factors, or ranking signals, the more likely your webpage will appear high on the SERPs. Consequently, potential customers will have an easier time finding you.

Accordion ContentBecause of the complexity of Google’s algorithm, SEO is an ongoing process that won’t yield results overnight. At BSM, we usually tell our clients they can expect to start ranking higher on the SERPs within about three months. The primary reason for this delay is that many things need to happen for Google to process changes or additions and then reorganize its results accordingly.

 At BSM, every new client gets a technical website audit, regardless of which SEO package they purchase. Performing an audit is a lot like looking under the hood of a car that’s making a strange sound. It’s necessary because you can’t fix a problem until you identify its source. In the case of SEO, the problem is ranking poorly, and it can originate from all kinds of causes. As such, our audits include an analysis of the following:

  • Page Speed Analysis
  • URL Analysis
  • Images Analysis
  • Page Code Analysis
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Mobile-Friendliness Analysis
  • Page Link Analysis
  • Root Domain Link Analysis
  • Domain Analysis, including:
    • Domain length, age, and expiration
    • Preferred domain settings
    • IP redirects to your URL
    • HTTPS (SSL) check
    • robots.txt file check

You can run a complimentary audit right now using this nifty tool. For help interpreting the results, though, we recommend reaching out to our experts.  

What is your SEO score?

How optimized is your website for your major keyword?
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