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Most digital marketing agencies take a cookie-cutter approach to designing campaigns for their clients. At Boulder SEO Marketing (BSM), though, we know optimizing websites in the same way yields the same results for everyone, which are lackluster at best. Since Google takes note of pages that stand out, we devise unique, hyper-focused campaigns for all our clients. Called Micro-SEO Strategies(SM), these tactics make it possible for even the smallest players to overtake global corporations saddled with resources. Coupled with SEO design, which ensures your site is optimized on the back end while being sleek and intuitive on the front end, our revolutionary strategies can help you outrank your competitors (and often in record time).

How are we different?

At BSM, we’re not afraid of change. We recently revamped our entire methodology to keep up with Google’s ever-changing algorithm, and we’ll continue adjusting our approach as long as they keep modifying theirs. If you want to stand out, you can’t do what everyone else is doing, which is precisely why we don’t.

The Old SEO
The New SEO

What our SEO Includes

Initial Strategy Session

Our Micro-SEO Strategies(SM) hinge on low-hanging fruit. As such, we start every potential arrangement with a no-obligation strategy session. During this meeting, we’ll make sure you’re a good fit for our approach.

100+ Point SEO Strategy Framework Assessment

Every site we take on undergoes a comprehensive assessment. We’ll evaluate your website using our proprietary framework to determine where we should start to yield the fastest results.

Regular Meetings with Our Owners

If you’re a good fit and you decide to work with us, we’ll assign you a dedicated project manager. They will serve as your primary point of contact, but you will still have easy access to our top strategists—i.e., the people you met with during your onboarding.

Over Communication

Roughly half our success can be chalked up to the actual strategies we implement. The rest of our success is founded on how we communicate. Clients always know exactly where they stand, thanks to emails sent daily, reports sent monthly, and lots of communication in between.

Ongoing Restrategy

Since Google’s algorithms are ever-changing, so are our SEO strategies. We never get complacent, and once your site reaches the top, we’ll do everything we can to ensure it stays there.

Website Functionality & User Experience Audit

Once you get more visitors to your site, which action do you want them to take? Should they schedule a consultation? Buy a product? Or maybe sign up for a newsletter? Whatever the specifics, we’ve got all kinds of tools for making a site more intuitive on the front end and more profitable on the backend.

Want to see what package is right for you?

Our SEO Process






Website Content Optimization


Meta Tag and Alt Tag Optimization


Hyperlinking Optimization


Mobile Friendly Optimization


Article, Video, Image and Infographic Submission


Optimizing your Google Business Listing


Case Study

Crew Supply Micro-SEO Strategy

Crew Supply Case Study 1024x355
We recently deployed a Micro-SEO Strategy for Crew Supply, an e-commerce site that sells barware. When we realized one of their old blog posts was ranking on page two for keywords like “pouring spout,” “pour spouts,” and “pouring spouts,” we devised a hyper-focused Micro-SEO Strategy(SM) to get it to page one. After making the blog post the best piece of content on the web for pour spout-related keywords, Google took notice. Today, The Ultimate Guide to Pour Spouts (That You Never Knew You Needed) is Crew Supply’s second most visited organic search landing page on their entire site. What’s more, Google considers the blog post one of the top pages for pour spout-related content. It currently ranks in top organic positions for nearly 500 keywords.


Deanna Baranyi
Deanna Baranyi
We have had a great experience working with Boulder SEO Marketing. Chris, Dan, and their team go above and beyond to work with our law firm (Debbie Taussig Law) on our SEO efforts.
Adam Wooten
Adam Wooten
Expert training on international SEO. Chris knows this topic better than anyone.
Aleksandra Seidemann
Aleksandra Seidemann
The online SEO course is packed with knowledge, useful tips and templates, allowing you to get right down to optimizing your web content. Definitely worth it!
Lisa Buffo
Lisa Buffo
Boulder SEO Marketing is awesome! I took their free course and online course and learned what I needed to take my business's SEO strategy to the next level. They are also friendly and prompt in their communications with students.
Dorian Cumberbatch-Quintero
Dorian Cumberbatch-Quintero
Professor Raulf in his brilliant course explains in a very affable style, how to better put into practice, the so frequent oversimplified understanding of Search Engine Optimization. As a student of TcLoc at Strasbourg University, it has been an invaluable opportunity to learn from him.
Jens Nicolaysen
Jens Nicolaysen
Chris was knowledgeable and flexible. We brought him in for a half-day work session to get part of our team up-to-speed around on-page specific SEO considerations. It was great for those who didn't know a ton about SEO and a great opportunity for others with more knowledge to ask more involved questions.
Austin Rosmarin
Austin Rosmarin
Chris was immensely helpful in teaching our company about the importance of SEO marketing and guiding us through new practices that we can implement to grow our company's traffic to new levels.
Samantha Miller
Samantha Miller
I attended the 2 Day Class with very minimal marketing/SEO background and I left with an abundance of knowledge to apply to the company I work for. Chris is extremely professional and makes the classes exceptionally easy to follow, especially for a beginner like myself. It was very hands on, small classes allowed for one-on-one attention. I would highly recommend this training to anyone that is looking to get a grasp/ make a career in the Marketing/SEO industry. He also supplies you with copies of everything that was discussed during the two days so you can go back and review at a later time. I am looking forward to future training classes with Chris!
Rhet Behler
Rhet Behler
Chris is an excellent seo marketing teacher. His two day class sets the foundation for SEO learning. It was refreshing to see Chris manage a wide spectrum of students from the highly technical to the local business owner. His SEO training is well organized and the class was of great value to me. Chris I truly appreciate your willingness to teach others, it's a great quality.
Brian Walter
Brian Walter
This is an excellent course, highly recommend. Chris is great at teaching and will give you a great baseline of white hat SEO (legal SEO). A great benefit to the course is that Chris has created a video series of the course so you can review any part of it at a later date. If you can do all the things and spend the time doing what Chris tells you, your business will see a significant increase in Internet traffic.

We are a Boutique Agency, and we intend to stay that way.

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