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3 Top Tips to Make Podcasting A Successful Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy [Expert Interview]

As a full-service digital marketing agency with offices in Denver and Boulder, Colorado and London, UK, we primarily assist our customers with all of their search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), content marketing and social media marketing needs. Most companies tend to focus on these “mainstream” online marketing strategies. But what about podcasting? Have you made it part of your overall digital marketing strategy yet? It’s a great way to reach your target audience, build a network and market your business to potential customers out there. If done right, it can work wonders. To make it a success, it does require a commitment and a clear vision for what you want to get out of it.

When JV Crum the III, a successful podcaster and owner of Conscious Millionaire, invited me to discuss SEO best practices and tips on his show, I gladly accepted his invitation and hope that you’ll find time to listen to the podcast interview.

With six podcasts, 1800 episodes and 12 million listeners, JV truly has built a podcasting empire. The Conscious Millionaire Podcast Network has been named in Inc Magazine as one of the Top 13 Business Podcasts. The High Performer Marketing Show is for business owners and business coaches who want to make a Big Impact and Big Money.

After being interviewed by JV, I wanted to learn more about his success with podcasts, so I invited him to an interview with me. You can view the below 30-minute interview at your convenience. In this blog post, I thought I’d share JV’s three tips for being successful with a podcast, as I think these three things can also be applied to any marketing strategy.

#1: Consider Why You Want to Make an Impact

According to JV, successful podcasting begins with knowing why you’re doing the podcast. If you’re a business, this assumes that you already have a clear business model, including knowing your target market, their top problem, your solution, etc. So then consider why you want to make an impact with your podcast, and have a laser focus on that impact.

For example, JV wants to have helped a million entrepreneurs become conscious millionaires by November 1, 2045. Why? Because no one has ever done anything like it. So his focus is on helping people become millionaires by consciously making a difference in society.

#2: Think about What Money You Want to Make

Podcasting tips and best practices Something that people rarely ask or talk about is what kind of money they want to make out of a podcast. According to JV, your answer to this will influence how you design the podcast. A podcast shouldn’t be a hobby – it should be a growth engine for your business. Think about what kind of money you want to make and why you want to make that. Will the money come from sponsorships, customers buying from you, guests, etc.?

#3: Define What You Want to Get Out of It

Finally, define what you want to get out of the podcast. Again, a podcast should be a growth engine for your business, so what do you want from that? Do you want to become known as the #1 expert for doing X? Do you want to become an influencer? Do you want notoriety or to connect with the next level of peers? Do you want to make your brand known?

Also, consider how you can repurpose the content from the podcast. For example, you can make blog posts, LinkedIn articles, YouTube videos and website copy using the content, and you can use social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. to promote the content. Tie the content from your podcast into your content marketing strategy.


According to JV, you should consider these three tips before you start your podcast in order to be as successful as you can because many people don’t make any of these decisions. So many people start podcasts without a clear purpose. It really comes down to the impact that your market really wants and is looking for. If you do it right and put it together correctly, it can make you look like a rock star in your particular niche.

Having been on one of JV’s podcast show, I can attest that he has the system down to a science – it was extremely well-organized and easy to be a part of.

And here’s the best thing: Shortly after the podcast aired on his show, I got several new leads that I could directly track back to my interview with JV.

If you’re looking for highly effective and affordable SEO packages, I certainly invite you to reach out to us. If you’re looking for additional information about podcasting, make sure to reach out to JV.

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Written by Chris Raulf

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