Boulder SEO Marketing Unveils Comprehensive Guide to SEO Packages

Firm believers in transparency and affordable SEO services packages, the guide explicitly compares pricing relative to services rendered.

Boulder SEO Marketing (BSM) announced today that I recently published a guide entitled A Deep Dive on SEO Packages: Rates, Services, Advantages, and Risks. Motivated by transparency and good faith, the guide was created to answer many questions that potential customers of SEO services packages may hold.

Adhering to BSM company values, the guide provides a transparent breakdown of the company’s three tiers of affordable SEO packages; the Eco Plan, Pro Plan, and Elite Plan. Although different in name, the packages over identical services, the only difference is that of billable hours.

The hallmark of BSM’s monthly search engine optimization packages are the Micro-SEO Strategies ℠. This new SEO methodology is an innovative method of optimizing web content – leveling the playing field, regardless of budget size. Micro-SEO Strategies ℠ account for the fact that instead of ranking entire websites, Google can now identify individual pages on a website that deserve top rankings.

In an article entitled Outrank Any Competitor in Google with Micro-SEO Strategies ℠ (No Joke), Raulf discusses how BSM used these innovative techniques to assist one of its e-commerce SEO customers beat corporate behemoths such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target on page number one on Google.

Firm believers in accessibility and opportunity regardless of budget, the guide also encourages access to several of BSM’s online SEO courses. The complimentary search engine optimization classes provide digestible and valuable learning for online marketing practitioners regardless of their experience level, financial constraints, or geographic location. The courses are an excellent fit for marketing professionals and owners of small and medium-sized businesses eager to understand how SEO could benefit their company.

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BSM, a hyper-focused Denver SEO company with additional offices in Boulder, Colorado, and Los Angeles, California, takes pride in offering highly effective SEO packages and top-rated SEO training courses for all levels. Businesses worldwide rely on our digital marketing solutions to boost lead generation and sales from their online marketing activities. Our team of experts helps companies of all sizes with their SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, website development, and conversion rate optimization needs.

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