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This case study features a premier physical therapy practice with multiple offices. Their team comprises highly skilled physical therapy doctors, each with specialized training that places them in the top 1% of their field. Their hallmark is individualized care delivered by expert clinicians.

When the client reached out to Boulder SEO Marketing (BSM), their primary aim was to revamp their digital presence, particularly their website. Physical therapy web design is inherently complex, and the client recognized the need to make its site more user-friendly and boost its appeal to search engines. They also wanted to ensure their online visibility reflected that they had offices in multiple locations.

BSM started the collaboration with a face-to-face meeting at one of their offices. The focus was on understanding their goals and evaluating their current website. It became evident that creating separate location pages would be crucial for spotlighting each office and improving local SEO, so the BSM team got to work.


Recognizing the complexity of physical therapy web design and the need to cater to user experience and search engine optimization, we focused on implementing tailored solutions to address these specific challenges. Here’s what we worked on:

Location Pages

We created distinct location pages for each office to highlight the practice’s presence in the two different cities. These pages improved local SEO and provided essential information for potential clients seeking physical therapy services. We optimized these pages with relevant keywords and location-specific details to increase the client’s visibility to local audiences searching for physical therapy solutions.

Specialized Services Highlight

Understanding the client’s expertise in addressing a range of physical therapy needs, we developed targeted content highlighting specific services. This included dedicated pages on the website focusing on neck pain, headaches, cycling injuries, lower back pain, and rock climbing-related issues. By showcasing these specialized services, we aimed to attract potential clients seeking solutions to their specific needs, increasing the practice’s relevance and appeal to its target audience.


Following the implementation of our tailored tactics, the client experienced significant improvements in their online visibility and search engine performance. Despite the anticipated initial dip in traffic following the website redesign—a natural occurrence in such projects—the client remained committed to the process, understanding the potential for long-term benefits. Consequently, they saw the following results:

Substantial Increase in Organic Search Traffic

After the revamped website launched, the practice witnessed a remarkable surge in organic search traffic. The practice experienced almost a 100% increase compared to the pre-launch period.

Significant Rise in Average Daily Clicks

Alongside the surge in organic search traffic, the client observed a notable increase in average daily clicks. The average daily click rate saw a nearly 100% increase, reflecting the enhanced engagement and interest generated by the improved digital presence and optimized content.

Enhanced Keyword Rankings

Our focused efforts on local SEO and targeted keyword optimization improved rankings for relevant search queries. The practice saw increased rankings for terms related to physical therapy services, further solidifying its position in local search results and attracting qualified leads seeking their specialized services.

About Boulder SEO Marketing

At BSM, we love doing SEO for physical therapy practices. As a boutique SEO agency, we help small businesses and medical offices increase organic traffic, and we can deliver real results in record time using our proprietary Micro-SEO Strategies℠. Since 2009, we’ve been helping clients climb the rankings. Unlike some digital marketing agencies that overpromise and underdeliver by claiming to “do it all,” we focus solely on search engine optimization. A jack of all trades might get your site off the ground, but you’ll need specialized tools to get to the top of the search results!

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