Boulder SEO Marketing Publishes New Case Study on SEO for EdTech Companies

The case study explores how BSM deployed a hyper-focused Micro-SEO Strategy℠ to help an edtech company with a single software product surpass the biggest competing platforms on Google.

Denver, CO – Boulder SEO Marketing (BSM) is excited to announce the publication of a new case study showcasing its successful SEO campaign for Class Composer, an innovative edtech company. The boutique SEO agency has also launched a dedicated services page outlining its comprehensive SEO solutions specifically designed for software companies.

The Class Composer case study, titled “How an EdTech Company with a Single Product Surpassed the Biggest Software Platforms on Google,” details how BSM helped the company achieve a staggering 78% increase in organic traffic through a strategic SEO campaign. The campaign focused on building a solid technical foundation, creating high-quality content that addressed educators’ pain points, and implementing targeted outreach strategies.

BSM worked closely with Class Composer to develop an exceptional resource page targeting the “class lists” keyword. This comprehensive page went beyond basic service descriptions, offering valuable insights and solutions to the core pain points of educators involved in class creation. By deploying BSM’s hyper-focused search engine optimization methodology called Micro-SEO Strategy℠, the page was designed to be the best piece of content on the entire internet about elementary class lists.

BSM also launched a corresponding services page, SEO Agency for EdTech Companies, which offers a comprehensive overview of BSM’s SEO services specifically tailored to the needs of software companies. The page details its approach to:

  • Comprehensive SEO Audits: Detailed assessments to identify optimization opportunities and enhance SEO performance.
  • Tailored SEO Strategies: Customized plans that align with specific goals and market conditions of software businesses.
  • Technical SEO Optimization: Advanced techniques to improve site architecture, speed, and mobile usability.
  • Content Marketing Excellence: Creating and promoting high-quality content to engage target audiences and drive traffic.

“At BSM, we understand that more than driving traffic to your website is needed. We’re not just about the numbers; we focus on the bigger picture. Our ultimate goal is to skyrocket the conversion rates of your web pages, ensuring that the flood of visitors translates into a significant increase in your client base,” says SEO and AI expert Chris Raulf, founder of Boulder SEO Marketing.

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