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Top 6 Reasons Why Your Online Store Needs Ecommerce SEO

Do online stores need eCommerce SEO services to drive traffic to their sites? The answer is simply, unequivocally, YES.

Why? Here are six reasons.

1. Ecommerce SEO Boosts Online Sales

According to Advanced Web Ranking, nearly 60% of all the clicks on the first search engine results page (SERP) go to the first five organic (i.e., non-ads) results. Listings #6-10, which are still on the first page, receive considerably fewer clicks than the top five results.

You want to land on the first page, and ideally, in spots #1-5. By implementing an effective SEO plan, you’ll have a much better chance of consumers clicking on your listing, thus driving traffic, and ultimately, sales.

After all, the odds are pretty slim that someone searching for “boys green t-shirt” will go to the fifth results page, much less the second.

2. Ecommerce SEO: One of the Least Expensive, Yet Most Effective Oline Marketing Strategies

There’s no question that SEO costs money. However, other marketing strategies such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and influencer marketing usually require a much more significant investment.


With PPC, you run a campaign for a certain amount of time, and you’re going to have to pay for that position. According to, businesses, on average, pay $1-$2 per click. Small- and medium-sized companies, on average, spend $9,000-$10,000 a month, which equates to $108,000-$120,000 a year.

If you can afford that, great. If you can’t, consider SEO for your eCommerce business. How much will it cost? Naturally, it depends on your business goals and drivers. On average, our small business customers spend $1,500-$2,000 monthly, with our affordable SEO packages starting at $750 a month. That’s quite a difference.

3. Optimizing Your Online Store is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

The long-term effects of eating healthier and exercising include reducing your risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer. Optimizing your eCommerce site for Google search also has positive long-term effects. It may take 2-4 months to start seeing some results since Google needs time to recognize who you are, but once Google does, it can pay off – literally.

As you can see from the image below, we were able to help a small eCommerce business dramatically increase organic search traffic from Google and other search engines. It took us about 3-4 months to get their organic search traffic to go in the right direction:

eCommerce SEO Package Success Story

As you can see from this example, implementing SEO for eCommerce websites usually has long-term effects. It has staying power, as long as you keep up with it and flex as needed.

Compare that to a marketing campaign using PPC advertising. There’s no question that search engine marketing tools such as Google Ads can be valuable during its run. But keep in mind that once a PPC campaign ends, site traffic and sales generally drop back to what they were before the campaign.

4. Easily Track Every Sale from Organic Search Traffic

We love doing SEO for eCommerce websites. Why? Because there’s no other sector where it’s easier to track results directly related to our work. Tools such as Google Analytics allow online businesses to track, analyze, and report every sale on their website, including the source traffic that drove the sale.

As you see from the Google Analytics screenshot below, one of our smaller eCommerce customers could generate $112,842.03 in sales from Google organic search traffic. Many of the customers who initially found the website via Google search, now directly go to the site if they need to re-order products from the website. These sales are now tracked as direct traffic:

5. Get the Biggest ROI from Every Page On Your Website

Every page of your website is a valuable asset when it comes to attracting the right customers. After performing an initial site audit, we often find that, in many cases, only the most critical pages are already somewhat optimized for online search.

Teaming up with an eCommerce SEO company ensures that you’ll get the most significant ROI from every page on your website. An agency will optimize each and every page on your site for usually three closely related and relevant target SEO keywords. This ensures that Google clearly understands the purpose of a page to send the right person to the right page.

Your eCommerce SEO agency also addresses potential technical issues as part of the optimization process. Technical optimization may include tasks such as improving the site’s load speed, mobile-friendliness, site structure, and visitor flow optimization. Addressing these technical optimization opportunities can boost your site’s visibility in the search engines immediately.

Not sure if your eCommerce site has technical issues or needs SEO help in general? Take our free SEO audit to get instant feedback. In less than a minute, you’ll get an 8-page report with actionable insights.

6. Target Purchase-Ready Consumers with the Right SEO Keywords

As mentioned earlier, part of the eCommerce SEO process is finding and optimizing every page on your site for targeted keywords. This strategy ensures that someone searching for a search term such as best running shoes for men on Google is not being sent to your home page but rather to a page where that person can purchase running shoes for men.

The right content with the right keywords will boost your site’s rankings in the search engine results pages while also decreasing the site’s bounce rate. Implementing targeted and effective keyword and content marketing strategies, including video production, can change the game for your eCommerce site.

I can’t overemphasize it enough: Proper keyword research and keyword mapping are crucial parts of your overall search engine optimization strategy.

For additional information about keyword research for SEO and how to get started, I invite you to watch this 12-minute video:

Team Up With An Ecommerce SEO Company to Increase Sales from Your Online Store

We absolutely love doing search engine optimization for online stores, and we’re here to help. Our growing team of digital marketers includes some of the most talented and experienced online marketing experts.

We’ve helped numerous local, national, and international brands dramatically increase sales from their online stores. We’d be thrilled to share our expertise with you in an introductory screen share meeting or phone call.

Here’s what we bring to the table:

✔ We have in-depth expertise in optimizing the most eCommerce & Content Management Systems (CMSs)

✔ We only deploy Google approved white hat SEO best practices

✔ We’ll work with your staff in a team environment and are 100% transparent

✔ No long-term contracts: Simply give us 30 days notice if we’re not the right fit for each other

✔ Depending on your preferences, we’ll do weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly status update meetings

✔ We not only do the work we teach eCommerce SEO best practices in online and in-person workshops

✔ I’ve personally been doing search engine optimization for 25+ years, and the results that we achieve for our customers speak for themselves

Ready to learn more? I invite you to send us a message or call us at 720-263-1736.

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Written by Chris Raulf

Chris Raulf is the founder of BSM, a hyper-focused SEO agency, located in Denver, Boulder and Los Angeles. Chris and his team assist local, national, and international clients with all of their SEO, web design and conversion rate optimization needs. Chris has over two decades of hands-on experience under his belt and his multilingual background has helped him become a globally recognized international SEO expert.

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