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4 Ways to Dial in Your Company’s LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy

How can content marketing on social media help your brand grow? As the digital marketing landscape changes and as more and more companies get active on LinkedIn, there is hope for your company in terms of standing out in a crowded market. Creating a solid content marketing plan on LinkedIn is a great place to start. Here are some tips to create more visibility via LinkedIn:

1. Optimize Your Linkedin Company Page

When creating or editing your LinkedIn company profile, be sure to keep search engine optimization in mind. The description field presents itself as a great opportunity to incorporate target SEO keywords as they relate to your industry. Try to be as specific as possible in your description. This will allow your company page to have higher search visibility within LinkedIn as well as in organic search results on Google and other search engines. Here’s an example of the Boulder SEO Marketing Linkedin company page for reference:

LinkedIn Company Page example

2. Share Engaging Content Across All Platforms

Does your company have a blog? A YouTube channel? Sharing content from your blog and other channels on LinkedIn allows you to post links to other critical platforms for your business. To best leverage your content, be sure to keep your brand voice, but change the tone for LinkedIn. Just because LinkedIn is professional that doesn’t mean you have to be too formal. Make sure to post content that your reader will find interesting and that will be successful on multiple social media platforms.

3. Ask Your Employees to Update Their LinkedIn Profiles and Share Company Status Updates to Their Networks

If you’re a business owner or if you’re in charge of digital marketing at your company, make sure that your employees and coworkers have LinkedIn profiles and that they are displaying their current position at your company. Also, make sure that when you post a LinkedIn company page status update that it gets re-posted or shared by your employees. And don’t forget to create and cultivate relationships with professionals and potential customers so that your status updates are being seen by the right people.

4. Take Advantage of LinkedIn Ads and Promoted Status Updates

This is one of the most underrated way to create awareness on LinkedIn. If you have a digital marketing advertising budget, LinkedIn ads and promoted status updates are an excellent way to get your word out to your audience. LinkedIn has done a great job in letting you pinpoint exactly who you’d like to target so that you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Bonus Tip

If you haven’t already applied for early access for publishing long-form posts on LinkedIn, here’s the link to the application form.

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Chris Raulf
Written by Chris Raulf

Chris Raulf is the founder of BSM, a hyper-focused SEO agency, located in Denver, Boulder and Los Angeles. Chris and his team assist local, national, and international clients with all of their SEO, web design and conversion rate optimization needs. Chris has over two decades of hands-on experience under his belt and his multilingual background has helped him become a globally recognized international SEO expert.

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