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If you’ve been burned by Los Angeles SEO agencies in the past, we can help. While other companies make promises they can’t keep, we operate with total transparency. We’re honest with clients from day one, and we don’t force them into extended contracts so they get stuck with subpar services. Instead, we keep them coming back month after month by delivering actual—and exceptional—results.


A Los Angeles SEO Agency With Tunnel Vision

When growing your business, a one-stop shop can certainly help get your website up and running. If you want to rank higher in search results, though, you’re going to need specialized tools for such a specialized objective. That’s where we come in.

At BSM, having tunnel vision is a good thing. Instead of doing a little of everything with minor success, we do a lot of one thing and gain major traction. By focusing entirely on search engine optimization, we can help clients rank higher, faster.

If you want your business to overtake competitors online, these are the tools we’ll use to improve your position on the SERPs.

“When companies are consistently falling below their top ten or so competitors, they don’t need a multi-pronged digital marketing campaign; they need a hyper-focused SEO strategy. That’s what we set out to provide in 2009, and we’ve been deploying the tools for doing so ever since.”

Chris Raulf, Founder & CEO

BSM Website Design & Development Services
Search engines like Google evaluate many factors when ranking webpages, and one of the most important is the site’s usability. In other words, your web design team and SEO experts must work together when the goal is organic growth. By letting us handle both, you’ll end up with a site that’s as intuitive and visually appealing on the front end as it is optimized on the back end. We’re also happy to elevate existing webpages, so your investment won’t be lost, but your entire site will support your SEO strategy.
Denver SEO Services
Google’s Webmaster Guidelines might as well be our Bible. All the tactics we devise and implement abide by them, so the sites we work on will never be banned for using “black hat” techniques. As for the kinds of techniques we do apply, we’re proud to lead the field in Micro-SEO strategies, which yield outstanding results on individual pages in record time. See if your website could benefit from such strategies by watching this video.
BSM Conversion Rate Optimization Services
A page’s conversion rate quantifies the value of the traffic it receives. It doesn’t matter how many people visit your website if none of them buy your products or services. With our help, though, you can attract the right kind of traffic, so your revenue increases with your ranking.

Real People Getting Real Results
See What Clients Have to Say About Working With Our Team

There’s no shortage of agencies providing SEO services in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, most of them don’t deliver on the promises they make. BSM is different, but you don’t have to take our word for it. See what working with us is like by reading testimonials from past clients.

Isavis Rangel
Isavis Rangel
I participated on one of their seminars and it was really helpful and easy to understand.
Brenda Geiger
Brenda Geiger
I learned a lot during the Crash Course on Google Ads and Pay Per Click webinar hosted by Chris Raulf. Seeing the complete process of setting up a campaign removes the fear of getting lost in the weeds of Tech.
Michaell Magrutsche
Michaell Magrutsche
Thank you guys, you were really informative. I especially appreciate your honesty. I didn’t feel that you wanted to sell me anything but wanted to help me to get my web business going. And by doing this you expressed in detail how detailed all the nuances are, which explained the intricacies of your job. It is great that you leave the choice with the customer to want to get started with their SEO or have somebody do it for them. It made this choice very easy to do it yourself and so the decision is by the customer to hire a SEO specialist or not. High quality content.
Sheila Diamond
Sheila Diamond
I attended the SEO webinar and found the information incredibly informative and comprehensive. I have attended other webinars on SEO but Boulder SEO Marketing's webinar included more information than most and also shared tools I can use, which was really valuable! Chris and Daniel are very knowledgeable!
Professional, knowledgeable, in depth.
Adam Gearke
Adam Gearke
Had a great time at a half-day SEO workshop where Chris walked through the Five Pillars of SEO and how they might apply to different business needs and situations. Will be on the lookout for other sessions that Boulder SEO Marketing puts on!
Betsy Piland
Betsy Piland
Excellent SEO training experience. Learned so much, and the instructors were happy to provide guidance specific to your organization's challenges. I left the course excited to optimize!
Hanna Davis
Hanna Davis
I attended a half day PPC training event put on by Boulder SEO Marketing. The training was informative and covered a lot of topics. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants a review on Google Ads, is just starting to use the tool, or wants to learn about the new features the platform provides. I think it would be helpful if there were levels of these workshops (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) so less time could be spent on learning basics.
Lisa Buffo
Lisa Buffo
Boulder SEO Marketing is great! I took their online course and got the comprehensive, in-depth training I was looking for. They are knowledgeable and up to date with the constantly evolving world of SEO. I can't wait to use what I learned in my business!

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Ready to take action?

How Is BSM Different from All the Other SEO Agencies in Los Angeles?

Any Los Angeles SEO agency can say they’re a cut above the rest, but we aim to prove it. These are some of the most significant ways we stand apart from our competitors.

What We Do

We Target the Right Traffic
Instead of casting a wide net, which yields a lot of useless traffic that never converts, we use precise keywords to attract visitors who actually need your products or services.

We Rely on Best Practices
You’ll never see our team implement tactics that put clients at risk of being banned for trying to game the system.

We Maintain an Open Line of Communication
You’ll be in constant contact with your project manager. In addition to updating you on the status of your website, they will be readily accessible to address all your questions and concerns.

We Lead the Pack in Innovation
To generate rapid results, we start by identifying low-hanging fruit and creating hyper-focused tactics to take advantage of the initial opportunities it presents.

What BSM SEO Agency Do

Considering how other Los Angeles SEO agencies operate, we also think it’s worth mentioning the kinds of things we don’t do:

We Don’t Take a One-Size-Fits-All Approach
We’ve seen firsthand that unimaginative strategies yield lackluster results. Targeted tactics, on the other hand, yield targeted results. That’s why you’ll never see our team implementing “universal” SEO strategies.

We Don’t Take on Clients We Can’t Help
We recognize that our specialized tools are only equipped to perform specialized tasks. As such, we consider every potential client’s needs carefully before onboarding them. If their goals call for tools we don’t have, we don’t waste their time or ours.

We Don’t Lock Clients into Long Contracts
Our customers utilize our services month after month because we deliver results, not because they’re stuck in a long-term agreement.

Need to Rank Higher & Get More Monthly Visitors?

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    SEO Case Study

    One of our clients had just over 20,000 visitors each month. After implementing a tailored strategy for them, their site drew more than 90,000 visitors every month.

    SEO Case Study

    Meet the Owners

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    Chris Raulf, Search Engine Optimization Expert & CEO

    Chris Raulf founded BSM in 2009. Today, this highly specialized SEO Agency operates out of Los Angeles, Boulder, and Denver.

    Chris helps local, national, and international clients realize their most ambitious ranking goals using novel SEO tactics, cohesive web design elements, and conversion rate optimization. With multilingual capabilities and more than 20 years of experience, Chris has become an international SEO expert.

    Chris Raulf, BSM SEO Agency CEO
    Daniel Burns of BSM
    Chief Operating Officer

    Daniel Burns, Chief Operating Officer

    Daniel Burns has more than two decades of experience overseeing strategic direction and developing more efficient ways to increase revenue in the ever-changing digital landscape.

    After growing up in Brazil, Daniel attended the University of Miami. Today, he’s an avid reader with an adventurous spirit. Broadening experiences like biking across Europe and sailing across the Atlantic taught him to think laterally. He harnesses this ability to turn stakeholder expectations into actionable strategies.

    Clients We’ve Helped

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long have you been offering search engine optimization in Los Angeles?
    We have been serving clients across Los Angeles since 2009.
    Who performs the work you do?
    Because we limit our scope of services, we’re able to do everything in-house. Our staff never relies on outside parties to complete essential tasks for our clients.
    How much do your services cost?
    Every monthly package we offer is tailored to each client’s unique needs. As such, we cannot give you an accurate estimate of your monthly package without evaluating your situation first. However, we can say that smaller clients spend between $1,250 and $1,750 each month. Mid-size clients that operate on a national scale typically spend between $1,750 and $3,500 monthly. Our largest clients are those who work on a global scale. They budget anywhere from $3,500 to $20,000 for a monthly SEO package from us.
    How long does it take to see results from an SEO package?
    Most of our clients see an improvement in their rankings two to four months after we get started. While we don’t make any guarantees because search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, we promise to keep you updated on the status of your strategy at regular intervals.

    We're here to help.
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    1055 West 7th Street, 33rd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90017

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