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Friday SEO Tip | Score Multiple Page #1 Listings in Google with Off-page SEO

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Hello. Hello.

Happy Friday.

Chris Raulf here with Boulder SEO Marketing.I hope you guys have a great week.

Today I want to talk about one of my favorite SEO topics.It’s off page optimization.

Basically, anything that happens outside of your website, it’s extremely powerful.

Anyone can implement this immediately.It’s not rapid science, as I like to say.So I want to show you real examples of how we take advantage of off page optimization.So I’m going to minimize the video here.We’re already in Google Incognito.Chrome browser here.So basically for the keyword SEO agency.So what you see here, you get the paid ads on top.So these people are going to get charged per click right up to here.These are all paid ads.But two out of ten people will actually click on these paid ads then, especially in a local environment where people use like geolocator such as folder,Google will most likely show the local map pack.So this is the first off page entity.This is Google Business Profile.We’ll take a look at this in a second here.I quickly want to go through this list and show you the success we’re achieving with these update optimization strategies.Then we’re the number one organic listing.That’s our website.This is a directory.So we’ll take a look at this as well.You definitely want to be listed in this directory.

If you do a search for your keywords and the directory shows up again, we’ll take a look at this in a second.Then check this out.This is our link in company Page.Figured out how to optimize those that we show up on page number one.Not a massive fan of Facebook, but you know what?If Google shows a Facebook company page on page number one, might as well deal with Facebook. Right?So let’s get into it.Let’s dissect.Let’s take a look at Google Business Profile.

All right, so we click into that.So this is basically we’re now in local map tax section.Here the Google Business Profile.You can set that up by claiming your business profile Manager.Simply go to Business is the dashboard.I’m not going to go through everything

here, but definitely take advantage of posting content through your Google Business Profile Manager.Make sure all the information is updated, that you include information about your products and services.Simply click into this stuff and complete it.Apply the research keywords that you’re also using for your website.So that’s number one.That’s Google Business Profile Manager.Then let’s take a look at Clutch.It’s a very well known directory

for all kinds of things.

All right.Right here.So basically they list SEO agencies in Boulder.You can simply add yourself for free, get a free listing. You will get a backlink to your website.You get to add to content about your business.Again, make sure that the keywords that you want to be found for SEO Agency folder folder SEO services, stuff like that, right? You can learn more about how to find those keywords in our online SEO course that’s now available on demand. All right, so directories LinkedIn, check this out.Notes So this is our LinkedIn company page.Let me quickly go over here.Super easy to set up.You need a personal profile.You can then set up a link in company page,simply click on edit, add a picture, put keywords into the descriptions here, there’s a content section, et cetera.Just go through this platform step by step and add all the right information.As you can see here at the bottom here, I threw in a couple of keywords here and then specialities. I mean this platform offers great opportunities to add great content that will make you more searchable in Google and then last but not least again, I’m

not a huge fan of Facebook.I prefer to interact in person but if Google shows Facebook pages

on page number one in Google for your keywords, might as well do it right.Set up a Facebook company page or start to optimize it if you haven’t already similar like the LinkedIn company page, just go through all the sections here, add content, add keywords that you’re also optimizing your website for and then social media about these off page entities, tweet about them, cross reference them,cross link them et cetera. And then the nice side effect of doing that

is that you basically get multiple listings on page number one in Google for your target SEO keywords.So off page optimization I definitely recommend you do itand I hope you have a listed with it again.Chris Ralphie with all the se marketing have an awesome weekend and we’ll talk soon.Bye bye, everybody.

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