Revamped and Ready to Rank: How to Start 2024 with Momentum | Friday SEO Tip

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Revamped and Ready to Rank: How to Start 2024 with Momentum

This is the last Friday SEO Tip of 2023—can you believe it? Before we leave another year behind, I want to share two tips on low-hanging fruit and AI-powered processes to send your rankings skyrocketing in 2024. Check out the video above for both.

Tip #1: Feast on the Fruit Within Reach

Forget Everest—there’s a treasure trove of SEO gold right under your nose: your website’s “low-hanging fruit.” These are the pages that have climbed the rankings somewhat but are begging for a few tweaks to make it to the top. At Boulder SEO Marketing, we’re all about turning “could be” into “king of the SERPs.”

In the video above, I explain how to find these opportunities using top-notch SEO tools. We recommend SE Ranking (click here to start your free 30-day trial). And if you’re hungry for more, check out my in-depth guide on optimizing these pages like a pro.

Tip #2: Unleash the AI Dragon in Your Processes

Remember the AI revolution that erupted in November of 2022 with the launch of ChatGPT? Yeah, that’s just the beginning, folks. This beast is charging headlong into every industry, and your business needs to ride the wave or risk getting swept away.

Time to map out your workflow. Scrutinize every step, asking yourself: “Can AI do this faster, better, smarter?” Remember, this isn’t a sci-fi movie—AI tools are already streamlining tasks from customer service to content creation.

Still feeling lost in the AI jungle? Take a peek at this insightful video on the Snowflake Developers channel. They break down AI tools, from text-generating wonders to data-hungry learning algorithms. You’ll see how cutting-edge applications are harnessing the power of information to revolutionize workflows.

With these two strategies in your arsenal, 2024 is your year to dominate the search engine landscape.

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