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Cutting Through the Competition: A Machine Shop Rises to the Top with Local SEO

A Boulder SEO Marketing Customer Case Study

At a Glance

Meet Advanced Precision Machining (APM), a powerhouse in Colorado’s machining scene. Since its inception in 2005, APM has offered a comprehensive range of manufacturing services. Led by Gerry Dillon, it has seen remarkable growth, nearly tripling over the years. 

Despite this impressive growth trajectory, Gerry Dillon faced a daunting challenge shortly after getting the shop up and running— expanding APM’s client base in a competitive market. Recognizing the pivotal role of online visibility in today’s business landscape, Gerry sought the expertise of Chris Raulf, founder of Boulder SEO Marketing (BSM) and a renowned international SEO expert. While Gerry didn’t know much about machine shop SEO, he was confident Chris could help.

With APM as BSM’s inaugural client, the stage was set for a transformative partnership that would span nearly 15 years and counting. Gerry Dillon’s quest to bolster APM’s online presence became a turning point, with BSM’s tailored SEO strategies breathing new life into his local business.


When APM teamed up with Boulder SEO Marketing (BSM), a website overhaul was in order. The old site wasn’t doing them any favors. The dark background was overlaid with even darker text, making navigating challenging and hurting the overall user experience. Redesigning the site was straightforward enough. Then, it was time to focus on machine shop SEO. Our main strategy? Taking a targeted local approach. 

APM needed to stand out among the thousands of machine shops across the country. We optimized their Google Business Profile and listed them in relevant directories. Ultimately, we ensured they showed up when people searched for terms like “machine shop Longmont.”

It was a simple, effective strategy tailored for machinists and worked like a charm. This is the real deal regarding local SEO for machine shops.


Mission accomplished! Thanks to BSM’s tailored local SEO approach, Advanced Precision Machining achieved a remarkable feat—its Google Business Profile soared to the coveted #1 spot on the search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keyword phrases.

But here’s the real kicker: The impact went far beyond snagging the top spot online. The visibility boost we provided had a monumental effect on APM’s bottom line. With newfound prominence in the digital realm, APM experienced a surge in business that transformed it from a modest shop into a thriving operation.

Picture this: multiple buildings full of state-of-the-art machinery—APM’s expansion was nothing short of impressive. And it’s all thanks to the incredible services they could offer, fueled by the additional visibility we helped them achieve. APM became the go-to choice for clients seeking precision and reliability, from small-scale projects to large-scale productions.

Our results weren’t just about numbers on a screen but real-world growth and success. APM’s journey from a local machine shop to an industry leader is a testament to the power of effective SEO strategies tailored to fit the unique needs of businesses like theirs.

About Boulder SEO Marketing

BSM is a boutique SEO agency that helps small businesses, including machine shops like APM, increase organic traffic. We can deliver actual results in record time using our proprietary Micro-SEO Strategies℠. Since 2009, we’ve been helping clients climb the rankings. Unlike some digital marketing agencies that overpromise and underdeliver by claiming to “do it all,” we focus solely on search engine optimization. A jack of all trades might get your site off the ground, but you’ll need specialized tools to get to the top of the search results! Let us help you with machine shop SEO!

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